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FET and womb thickness

Hi Everyone

I do hope you're all doing ok despite the so many cruel ups and downs we're all going through.

We had a FET cancelled today because my womb lining started to decrease in thickness! I didn't expect that. Anyone else had this issue? Can you shed light? Is there anything medically that could've been done differently?

All the best to everyone, I pray we'll all get our little dreams x

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Hi chick sorry to hear your news xx did you have the Endoscratch I heard this can increase your chances and gets the womb ready x


Hello. Sorry to hear this. I have not quite had this. However I have had to cancel due to not being thick enough. For that they increased the dosage. So that might help you. But I would ask your consultant at the clinic. Hope this is of some help. Xxx


Yes thank you that's helpful. I did increase but maybe just not enough. I will be speaking with them tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like there's more they could've done ... X


Yes I have felt that to. But I can assure you they will be trying there best to help you. I had to abandon three cycles. Very frustrating and upsetting. But it was always for the right reasons. So had to trust them. Good luck tommorow. Let us know how it goes. Xxx


Yes I think you're right, I feel they're professional and they could've gone ahead and taken the remaining money but want the best outcome rather than just make more money. But I wonder why clinics like ARG get better results? I suppose you pay to have everything thrown at you to increase the chances.


Could possibly be that. But then as my counsellor told me that can actually add more stress if it fails as it basically comes down to the embryo being fine. I know a friend who had embryo clue and endo stratch and it still did not work because the embryo was not viable. It made me realise that no matter what happens none of this our fault and that our bodies do the amazing thing of rejecting what is not good. As much as it sucks sometimes. Xxx hope that makes sense. Xx


Hey sorry to hear that. I asked the clinic where I had egg transfer last week what's lining thickness was she said they no longer measure that, not sure I believed her but tbh they didn't really say very much other than it went well.

If the lining wasn't thick enough that would have told me. I had endo scratch and been taking my low dose aspirin daily , broke for 3 days due tO EC then started after.

Currently on my 2ww dunno if anything has helped but here's 🙏🏽.

Good luck to you


Thanks Tam Tam, and wishing you the best of luck!! X


Hi Maria-Louisa, sorry to hear your transfer was cancelled. Very frustrating but the best thing to do as you obviously want it to be a success!

I am starting to down reg for our IVF a week on Tuesday and have decided to do acupuncture alongside my treatment. The

Acupuncturist says that the first treatment will be to help create a think linin of the womb. I have no idea whether it will have any impact or not but I am going to give it a go! Maybe something to consider for next time?

Best of luck x


Thank you Hopeful1982, sounds like it's worth a try!



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