Lining thickness? ✨

Hey ladies! For you all that had transfer already what was your lining thickness before they did the transfer? Had my scan this morning at day 12 on progynova and mine is 8.5mm wich he said it's spot on for transfer so I have to wait for a phone call this afternoon to know when to take my pressaries and then I'll find out when my transfer will be exactly 😃.. I was just thinking its a little low from other people's Ive seen online.. I can't help but worry all the time uurgh lol!

Also just wanted to say good luck for all you ladies ✨✨✨✨

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  • I've read they 8mm is really good and as long as it has the three layers which your doc will have been looking for, it will be perfect! It will continue to thicken while you take the pessaries too I think xx

  • Okay that makes me feel better 😂.. thanks chick xx

  • They look for 7+ so your lining is prefect 🙂 Xxx

  • Brilliant! I just can't wait for that phone call to tell me when my transfer will be 😬 So excited but nervous at the same time 😂.. I have work in a thew hours so I whont be thinking about it all the time wich is a bonus 🙈 Xx

  • Work will be a good distraction 🙂 Xxx

  • Mine was 8.9 but they looking at least for 7 to be able to start the next step.

    Good result so far. 👍 well done

  • That's good! Did your cycle work Hun? I can't help but think about this 24/7 could hardly sleep last night because I couldn't stop thinking of the scan today but he said everything was fine! I find swimming relaxing but they say you can't really go swimming Wilse doing IVF so I'm trying to keep myself busy 🙈 God knows what I'm going to be like on the two week wait 😂 Xx

  • Can't remember the exact measurement but they said i had a triple line lining. Nurse pointed it out on the scan saying that was optimum.

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