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Bleeding before 6 weeks update- bad news

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5weeks and 5 days, bleeding was heavy and clotty so went to A+E. HCG levels were only about 1400 (which is the near the minimum HCG for 6 weeks but it was like 980 at my last hcg check 2 weeks ago so levels have obviously stopped doubling some time ago, or have fallen from whatever the peak was).

The fact that they wouldn't scan me at the EPU until I'm 6 weeks even as I was bleeding pretty heavily is telling me that they didn't think there was any point in doing a scan and that they'd rather just let my IVF clinic deal with telling me the bad news.

Gotta go for a scan at my clinic on Monday but it'll probably just be to confirm the miscarriage and see if I need a D+C at this point.

Sh*tty, sh*tty day but I'd been spotting for days, I'm not even surprised and way too burned out to grieve. Its gonna hit me like a truck when it does hit me but I'm in no place to process it right now.

Thanks everyone for your support in this most recent round. In some ways I feel like I should be grateful we even go a BFP - never had one before. I guess this is proof of concept that I can get pregnant, just that I'm unsuccessful at staying pregnant.

I'm not great at feeling my feelings and will probably throw myself into researching. Are there any tests anyone would advise for 1 chemical, 2 failed rounds and 1 MC? We've had PGS so we know that the embryo was healthy when it went in (obviously it might have divided wrongly somewhere) but I'm pretty sure it's me - either immune issues or something in my uterus. Would anyone recommend endometrial receptivity testing, NK cells checks or any other investigations? Would love to hear some advice on next steps because I'm not in a place to process this emotionally right now x

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Awww honey, I'm so very sorry to see your update!! It could be just super bad luck but we had many BFNs, then a spontaneous loss which we think was partly due to low progesterone levels (upped the dose for future cycles), a chemical then back to BFNs. We eventually opted for the ERA test and it showed I need longer on progesterone. It's not a cheap test but for us it was completely worth it!! My clinic also had me on steroid cover, prednisolone but used this with other cycles and had BFNs. The 2 cycles we got BFPs we had started messing around with the time on progesterone with no exact science behind it. Massive hugs, gutted for you.💔xx

Thanks so much for your response, it really means a lot. I'm going to ask about ERA testing, at this point even if it's a placebo to give me an illusion of control I'll take it.

I'm feeling like I'm in free fall, I really need a light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn't feel like there is one right now

I can completely understand the free fall thing. The grief will come in time. I'm a little like you, need to focus on something. You'll get a chat with your clinic and hopefully they'll have some suggestions too. We we're also 6wks when we lost our first pregnancy and it is devastating but make sure you do take time for yourselves, I think it's really important to grieve together, cry, talk and have lots of hugs!!xxx

Thanks, it feels like it was so positive to finally be pregnant and I think the fact that I got my hopes up in what's so awful now. You're right, grief will come in time, right now I'm numb and need to be busy or I'll just implode x

I’m so sorry lovely so much to get your head around

Just to clarify one thing - EPU don’t like to scan before six weeks as before that it’s really hard to see anything and the inconclusive nature of scans doesn’t help anyone - so please don’t think it’s because they were thinking negative it’s actually pure logistics

I am so sorry that you are bleeding, I don’t know about the recommended HCG rates for your stage. I can see how you would be so worried

If it doesn’t work out which I so hope it does I would recommend asking for the autoimmune drugs tests for repeat MC - it’s 7 drug tests which can tell a lot

The only ray of hope I would give you is one of my MC my HCG was 47 and I still wasn’t bleeding so it could just be a haematoma or similar

Thinking of you xx

Thanks so much for all the information, that's really helpful.

Do you know the name of the auto immune test please? X

They were repeat MC bloods - but included Lupus, antiocardipilin somethings and clotting issues amongst others.

I tested positive to 4 of the 7

I also asked for an MRI and a hysteroscopy to check my uterus x

Thanks, it's definitely worth asking for more examinations, my clinic seem to have a "just try again" attitude thus far and I'd like to have more information x

Awh no you poor girl. Sending hugs as I don’t even know what to say. 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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LegoBatgirl in reply to RhinoCat

Thanks, it sucks but I'm so glad I have this forum. I don't think I'd get through it without you guys x

Sending virtual hugs and love to you and your partner. 💖 I was sad to read your post. Xx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to cazchoc

Thanks, it's been pretty bloody awful but it still all feels like it isn't quite real yet, I'm sure it's gonna hit me like a run away ice cream van when it goes hit me x

Oh I'm so sorry you're going through this. I hope it's not bad news but I did go through a very similar experience last month. It's so hard to process and even if you've been thinking that way for a few days it's still horribly difficult. I'm thinking of you 💕

I'm planning to get the blood tests Daisy recommended as I'm moving to donor eggs but want to check everything is okay before I do that. I'm similar to you, two rounds nothing to transfer, one round early miscarriage/chemical, and one natural pregnancy and MC before IVF.

🤞 For Monday xx

Thanks so much for reaching out, I really appreciate it. I'm so glad that the people on this forum are so kind and supportive, really helps me get through the dark days x

Aw lovely, I am so sorry for what you’ve been through. Sending you big hugs.

After my miscarriage, I asked for blood tests to determine reasons for my miscarriage - those types of tests they only do if you’ve had three or more miscarriages but I pushed for it as it took us a long time to get to that one pregnancy and I couldn’t accept that it just ended like that. I had to do it privately but it was worth it. I think it’s called Repeat Pregnancy Loss Panel.

The fact that you got pregnant would tell me that timing for progesterone isn’t the cause for loss and therefore I’m not sure an ERA would be the right test, though I’m no medical expert so I’d always say it’s worth the ask.

I’ve had a miscarriage and a chemical plus two failed transfers, and I’m pushing for immunology panel and autoimmune panel as well... I feel it’s worth exploring.

I’m similar as well in that I throw myself into research and need answers, but from personal experience I probably also caused myself more distress when I was doing this immediately after my loss as I wasn’t allowing myself to process what had happened. Reading your message, this may not be a loss either and I’m praying that it isn’t and things turn around... I’ll be thinking of you.

Sending you big hugs and lots of love and strength xxx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to XOXO13

Thank you so much, I'm going to push for whatever tests they can do. It's taken us 4 years just to get this far, I don't have another 8 years in which to potentially chalk up 2 more pregnancy losses. I'll see if my provider will do the panel, thank so much for the information.

Thanks, I will make time to grieve after Monday, I think I need to see it in person.

I'm almost certain it's a loss, I'm only 6 weeks gone and have lost a lot of blood unfortunately. X

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XOXO13 in reply to LegoBatgirl

I’m so sorry lovely, I really do understand how painful a loss can be so rest up lots and please take care of yourself. I hope your doctor will run those tests for you 💜 xx

Oh I’m so sorry to hear this shitty news. It’s such a hard journey!I had an early miscarriage too at 7 weeks and had to get a D&C, then had a bfn, then 2 x chemicals. We were at our wits’ end!

So we did ERA, recurrent pregnancy loss panel and a whole bunch of other tests. I needed 24 hours longer on progesterone and also needed way more of it, pessaries weren’t doing it for me, so we did intramuscular progesterone. We also added prednisone, antibiotics and baby aspirin. I did acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Basically, we threw everything at it. And finally, 5th transfer worked! I would definitely recommend ERA and adding immunosuppressants and testing your progesterone to make sure you have enough before transfer and a few days after.

Wishing you so much luck xxx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to Lisichka

I'm definitely going to ask them to do an ERA and pregnancy loss panel, I don't think I'm on enough progesterone so I'll ask them to run that too.

My clinic don't seem to do immunosuppression, I'm going to ask though x

So very sorry to hear this 💔😥 After 1 MC, 1 failed transfer and 2 chemicals we are doing all the testing we can also.

So far had immune blood panel and blood clotting panel done (both came back abnormal), and new protocol is now going to do the NK cells biopsy with intralipids, high dose steroids, blood thinners (clexane), baby aspirin, anti-histimines, and some other immune suppressing drug (haven't got these yet). As far as I'm aware these are the main options to try for unexplained RPL / RIF. I'm considering doing PGS testing if we do another fresh cycle also. Hopefully your doctor can run similar tests and give you the same treatments. Hoping it makes a difference for us both! Big hugs to you 💗 xx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to Chel91

Thanks so much for sharing, I have a lot of things I need to ask my clinic about. I get the feeling they might just fob me off if I don't push for them to find answers x

I am so sorry, this is truly heartbreaking 😔 I have been there myself as many of us on this forum :(

Would definitely recommend NK testing and Era test, also you could try a course of vaginal probiotics before next transfer to make sure that the endometrium is the best shape it can be.

Look after yourself xx big hugs

I've never heard of vaginal probiotics, how did you get those prescribed please?

You can buy them in a pharmacy without a prescription x just ask for them

Thanks, really appreciate the information x

Really sorry to hear this. How awful for you. Sending you lots of hugs. Yes I would recommend an ERA and NK cells being checked. I had both and it changed my last transfer on multiple levels. So sorry for you lovely xx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to hifer

Thanks, I'll see what my clinic will run. So far they're very - "let's keep trying" and I feel fobbed off to be honest x

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hifer in reply to LegoBatgirl

I would feel fobbed off too. Mine were very much “let’s try something different if it’s not working” so I would push for answers. Good luck lovely xx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to hifer

Thanks, my clinic feels like that old saying about the definition of insanity "trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!"

I am so sorry you are going through this! I just wanted to send a virtual hug to you both 🧡

Thank you x

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about this, it's devastating 😔 all my love to you and your husband xx

Thank you x

Aw LegoBatgirl 💔 I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You’re right to focus on answers and next steps but also you need to rest. Right now you don’t know for definite so maybe this weekend allow yourself a break from mental torture. Literally do nothing, think nothing, eat junk and if you can try and sleep. Monday you’ll need your strength for whatever comes. I will keep you in my thoughts xx

Thanks, I'm absolutely shattered. This has left me so drained, I need to regroup more energy to keep fighting! X

Sorry you are goibg through this. Xx

Thanks x

Steroids were the only thing that worked for me. Had the exact same as you: chemical, miscarriage and multiple failed transfers

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LegoBatgirl in reply to Msze

If you don't mind me asking, how did you get your clinic to do steroids? Mine don't even want to seem to discuss it x

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Msze in reply to LegoBatgirl

I had 3 perfect PGS tested embryos. After the first 2 failed to implant, I demanded they try something new and suggested steroids. He only prescribed them to me 5 days before transfer and it worked. Makes me so mad he didn’t try them sooner.

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LegoBatgirl in reply to Msze

Thanks, I'm really hoping they'll take it seriously and at least discuss other treatment ideas (including steroids) x

Hi there

First of all I’m really sorry you’re going through this. I had a MMC at 11 weeks and it was heartbreaking. There are no words for it. It’s 2 years later and I’m still not pregnant. I don’t have any advice or words of wisdom but I just wanted to say, it’s not your fault, you didn’t fail. I know it feels like that and I felt like that for a while. Its taken me a long time to accept it myself. We can’t control these things, it may be nothing to do with your body, please don’t think of yourself as a failure for this. Wishing you all the best xxxx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to Lozza8

Thanks so much, I appreciate you reaching out and I'm so sorry for everything. X

So so sorry to read this, such an agonising journey this is . Wishing you lots of courage strength and love xx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to Sk1817

Thanks, I really appreciate it x

It’s so unfair. I’m so sorry lovely. It makes me so angry that we go through so much and it’s still not enough. My clinic did immunology testing for me but currently aren’t prescribing steroids, so if I need them I’d need to wait until the HFEA oks them again. Perhaps you could try that angle with your clinic? They also prescribe blood thinners for each transfer (I’ve not had clotting issues tested but they do it as standard) have you talked about those? It must be difficult to process as it was a PGS tested embryo, but even those can fail too so it’s not necessarily a problem with your uterus. I think PGS embryos still have 70% chance of success.

Sending lots of love to you xxxx

I'm on blood thinners but thanks for the thought. This was the first round that worked and weirdly I was on broad spectrum antibiotics for a UTI at the time so my immune system was taking a kicking, it really makes me think I need steroids x

That sounds like a very logical next step xx

Sorry for your loss

Thank you x

I can’t offer any words of advice. Just love and hugs. Xxx

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LegoBatgirl in reply to L400ynd

Thank you x

So sorry to hear your news. Thinking about you. 💕

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LegoBatgirl in reply to Lou9

Thank you x

Sending you much love and thoughts. ❤️❤️❤️

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LegoBatgirl in reply to TheFoxes

Thank you x

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this news. I’m 4.5 weeks and terrified I won’t make it to 6 week scan. I didn’t get to read all responses below but if you are going down endometrial biopsy route (I’ve had three or four of them) maybe ask if you can do an ERA and an endometrial immune profile from the same biopsy. I didn’t realise they could do this during same procedure and had two separate tests (Also I took solpadeine beforehand which made it much better). You might look for a doctor with immune expertise. There is quite a lot of info on Fertility Friends forum re the different immune tests and doctors.

Thanks, I'll definitely look into it. The more information I can get from the fewest procedures would be appreciated. One of the worst things about IVF is feeling like a bloody pin cushion!

Absolutely! One of my doctors gave me something to help the uterus relax during biopsy (Valium I think) and that was really helpful. As well as biopsies, ask about adding in intralipid (drip). I’ve had two since transfer. They are still controversial (as in they aren’t definitely evidence based) but the nurse who gave me mine this week said that you have nothing to lose other than money by doing them. They basically just make sure the body is highly nourished for the embryo, from what she said. Not everyone may need one but for recurrent miscarriage they can make a difference for some people. I’ve also been prescribed steroids (and at the moment hydroxychloroquine due to Covid) as I have an autoimmune condition. xx

Thanks, at this point I'll take whatever information I can get x

Of course. It might just take one small change to make a big difference to things. Sending you the hugest hugs. xxx

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