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6 weeks pregnant and bleeding

Hi, I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant after IVF (two embryos transferred). Yesterday I started bleeding fairly heavily and passed something. I went to the clinic and they scanned me and there is a normal looking embryo sac there- big relief. They could also see what looked like a clot and they think the bleeding is either the clot or possibly the second embryo (which is what I think based on what I saw). I'm on gestone injections in my bum and we are keeping everything crossed.

I'm so scared. The bleeding hasn't stopped yet although it hasn't got any heavier and I feel ok. We lost twins at 13 weeks a while ago and this was my 5th cycle so am desperate for it to work.

Has anyone had bleeding and it's all been fine? My husband keeps telling me to stay calm, and the clinic seemed calm, but I'm terrified.


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Hey Hun I had bleeding around 14/15 weeks and all was fine with me. I bleed for a few days which to me felt like loads! I was so scared. The blood was quite bright & was told everything was fine and its quite common for some women to bleed. Anyway I was told to stop Clexane for a few days so slow the bleeding and luckily everything was fine.

Proud Mum of 16 week old twins now 😍.

Fingers crossed everything is ok for you hun I know it's only natural to assume the worst but it isn't always the case. Xx


Thank you- this helped a lot! It seems to have slowed down so hopefully the Gestone is working and it will be fine. I keep thinking that if it was really bad I would know by now, and I feel fine.

Congrats on the twins!


Oh dear, I haven't been in situation like you, but I really worry when i read posts like yours! You need to trust doctors if they say everything is alright. And your partner right - please stay calm (I know it's easier to say than to do) but it's for the best.

Just tell yourself than everything is going to fine! And it will be

I will pray for you honey! x


Thank you x


I had heavy bleeding at 7 weeks and was hospitalized for 3 days. It was bright red blood. My twin girls are now 3 weeks old and as healthy as can be. I also had clexane and those horrid gestone injections, looking at my daughters now they were worth every golf ball sized lump in my bum! I stopped the clexane after the bleed and didn't re start it. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Xx


Thank you so much for your response- and congrats on your new daughters!

It seems a lot better today so hopefully the gestone is working- I am happy to take any bum pain necessary to keep this baby because getting here has been really hard. I am working from home and staying as calm and still as possible!



That's all you can do, it's such a horrible feeling. Keep me posted on your progress- I was allowed to stop the gestone after the all clear on my 12 week scan. Xxx


Hi jessR i just read ur post i no its 6 months old just wanted to see how ur doing and ask ur advise as am currently going through the same thing now am 6 weeks tomorrow i also had 2 embryos put back and the scanned me on monday said seen 1 healthy sac am bleeding not heavey just when i wipe but ive had 2 gushes of blood a few wks ago and then again sat dr said sacs all way it should be but bleedings still there and has been on going now for 11 days now just spotting no pain no clots..how long did ur bledding last and howz things with u now has it stoppedcand have u had anymore since its really worrying me..hope u dont mind me msging u xx


V have done with Ivf 3 embryo transfer Nd after 5 weeks MA wife started bleeding heavy.... Nd now I consulted MA doctor Nd has given some emergency kit . Nd said for further till bleeding stop can u suggest something


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