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Second trimester loss


Some of you will know that I was very lucky to have gotten pregnant on my 8th ivf transfer. Unfortunately my joy turned to sadness as I lost my twin boys earlier this week. I am beyond heartbroken that this has happened a second time after the loss I suffered back in March at the same time in my pregnancy. I am devastated and feel that it’s unbearable that after my ivf struggles that I am now having difficulties keeping my pregnancies. If anyone has any advice after having suffered late losses, please do let me know as I am not sure what I should do and if we should keep trying xx

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Oh Georgie, I’m so so sorry this has happened. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through right now. I haven’t experienced this myself so can’t offer any particular advice but wanted to send you so much love and hope (I know it will be very diminished right now). Have the experts given any indication for why this might have happened? xxx

Thank you. No reasons have been given yet and I doubt I’ll find any to be honest. X

I'm so sorry Georgie xx so much love to you xx

I know I had PMd you but wanted to send my condolences to you on your post. Lots of love my darling, it's incredibly cruel that you're both going through this again!xxxx😪

Can i ask at what stage you lost them? I had my nk cells tested and I know my nk cells attack at implantation stage, but I know there are different types that end pregnancy later... The fact it was at the same time is not a coincidence, especially as it was twins too. This is just heartbreaking and so unfair. I can't even begin to imagine how you must be feeling, no one deserves to go through what you're going through. There's something happening in your body that is causing this to happen so late in the pregnancy. It isn't chromosomal as you wouldn't be getting past the first trimester if it were. When you're feeling strong enough, think about looking into nk cells if you haven't already. I hope you have the strength to keep going. I'm so, so sorry you're going through this, it's not fair xx

I was 17+4 weeks. I had my nk cells tested before we started ivf so I know that’s not the issue but thanks for suggesting this xx

O this is just awful, awful news. I'm so so sorry to hear this. I'm sorry to ask this but are you able to have a post mortem to assess the cause? This might help give you some answers and then you could perhaps be referred to a miscarriage specialist at a fertility clinic. I have heard that there are things that can be done to avoid it from happening again. I hope you have a lot of support and give yourself time to recover. Wishing you all the best. Xxx

Georgie17 in reply to Lovemylion

We had a post-mortem with our last loss and they couldn’t find anything so we decided not to have this as I wanted my babies to be in peace. X

Lovemylion in reply to Georgie17

O I see.😞 I completely understand you wanting them to just be at peace. I really am deeply sorry to hear this. I hope there is a specialist out there that can help you in the future. Xxx

Devastated for you 💔😥 sending you my love and healing thoughts. Hopefully you get some answers to help you decide what to do next but for now take care of yourself you brave warrior xxx

Georgie17 in reply to Twiglet2

Thank youxx

This is so heartbreaking to read Georgie. I cant even imagine your pain as i never came further than 8 weeks. I hope you have a support in your partner. Please dont feel pressured to make decisions now. 99% of us will struggle through and anxiety is on a different level should we get pregnant but the wish for a baby is greater. Like Zebedee suggested, i hope when you are ready you will get some answers. Lots of love lovely❤️

I am so so sorry for this. Its so awful and my heart breaks for you. Have you tested for antiphospholipid antibodies?

Thanks, no not tested for this but will ask about this. Xx

So so tragic and especially after so many tries .Life is so unfair. I'm so sorry. Xx

Hi Georgie, I don’t have any answer on what could have caused the loss but I recommend you try again and maybe put just 1 embryo back instead of 2. I read that twins pregnancies can be lost more easily than singles. Perhaps a single has better chances? And you can keep the second embryo for a future FET if you want a second child. Xx

I'm so sorry to read about your loss. I know no words will help with the pain your going through but my prayers are with you and the little angels you have lost. Sending you a virtual hug and love xx

Hi Georgie, I’m so sorry to read your post. How devastating and cruel this journey is. I have never managed to get past 10 weeks. Sending you all the love and support. I hope you get some answers xx

I'm so sorry for your losses. A very close friend of mine suffered several first and second trimester losses then a stillbirth in third trimester. She had support from Tommy's. You may already know about this organisation but wanted to pass it along in case it helps you Love and hugs xx

Devastating, I can’t imagine. Have they not given you any explanations as to the reasons? Did you find out in your 20 week scan or were you aware that something was going wrong? I’m sorry to ask but I lost one of my twins at 9 weeks and now feel like I can’t breathe during this pregnancy I’m so anxious. Big hugs, I’m so very sorry xx

Georgie17 in reply to lizzybee81

Thank you. No explanations yet....I didn’t expect that things could go wrong a second time as I was being monitored closely. Just a mystery to be honest. All the best with your pregnancy xx

Big hugs Georgie we are all here for you. Xx

My condolences dear, I can not even imagine how you feel, I had miscarriage at 12 weeks and that was so difficult for us... I wish I could say something and make a difference, I'm heartbroken for you and your little boys. ❤️

I'm so very sorry for your losses. So, so sorry. Someone above mentioned Tommy's. They can carry out tests that clinics won't and provide much needed support. Could be worth a phone call when you feel ready xx

I just want to say that I am very sorry for your loss 💕

Big hugs x

I’m so sorry to hear about your losses Georgie. After everything you have already had to go through, I’m so sorry that this has happened again. Absolutely devastating. I have no advice, we also seem to have issues with both getting pregnant & staying pregnant but we have not made it past 9 weeks yet. I really hope you find some answers. Sending love & hugs xx

There r no words suitable other that to say that u r in a lot of our thoughts and sending u a massive hug. Xx

So sorry to hear this , my condolences and thoughts are with you 😢

I'm so sorry I don't have word. I'm speechless I hope you will have better out come next time ...lots of pray and hug xxxxx

I am so incredibly sorry to hear of your loss (for all your losses). It’s so unfair, heartbreaking and feels so cruel. Sending love x

I’m really sorry, I really wish we knew why we have to go through all these pain.... give yourself all the time you need, I’m praying for you dear. ♥️

So so sorry for your loss xx

This is heartbreaking, so very sorry for your losses, sending my heartfelt condolences to you at this terribly sad time, I know no words can take away the pain but I hope you find some strength & comfort in this community xx

I’m so so sorry to hear this!! Sending you hugs. Nothing I can say to make it better. Life is so cruel and unfair. Take care xxxx

My thoughts are with you❤️ This journey is just so hard.

I'm sorry for your loss 💔, this is truly heartbreaking

Sorry for your lost 💔 never give up keep trying and am pretty sure one day you will hug ur little baby safely

I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I wish I could help or take away the pain. Sending love your way♥️♥️♥️♥️

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