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We started on our ivf journey this time last year, unfortunately after two cycles we have discovered that we are extremely unlikely to have a pregnancy at all. This is due to me not having any eggs left. We have come to terms with this and have decided to go down the adoption route.

The problem is that since the two rounds of high dosage ivf medication I seem to have put a lot of weight on round my belly area, this isn't an area I have had weight gain before. As we are due to get married next year & I already have my dress which fitted me when I bought it in January i am really concerned bout how to get rid of it.

Has anyone got any advice?

I eat healthily the majority of the time & exercise 3/4 times a week.

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Sorry to hear that. Are you drinking plenty of fluid? At least 2 litres a day - water and caffeine free tea. I have started to do sit ups in the morning and I could feel the difference after a couple of days. I'm going for egg donation have you had a look into that? If you would like any more information just let me know. Tasha


Hi Tasha

Thanks for your advice. I probably don't drink enough water everyday. Will start doing that.

An option for us was egg donation either friend or family, anonymous or egg share but having gone through our two cycles we felt it was too much to go through any of those options. Going down the adoption route my partner is fully involved in & doesn't feel helpless like he did during the ivf. X


Sorry didn't read all the posts. I see you have ruled out having an egg donor

But just so you know it's not as hard on yr body as using and stimulating your own eggs. You have 1 injection to down regulate you so they have control over yr cycle. Then on a certain day you start oestrogen patches then a few days before transfer you start progesterone pessaries. So its not too bad. If you have a frozen donor egg you don't have to synch cycles either. I went through it and it wasn't too strenuous physically, of course any Ivf is emotional, but then so is adopting!

Our first attempt didn't work but they have 3 saved embryos all ready for my next attempt in a few months

Anyway whatever you decide to do good luck! Xx


Not on the weight issue, but have you thought about donor eggs as you can't use yr own?


Hi Tigger 75, I lost 1.5 stone going to Rosemary Conley diet and fitness classes. Don't know it there's one near you but I found them really helpful. They help you understand food calorie and fat content and healthy portion sizes so you can choose the right food. I don't go anymore but I've been able to sustain a healthy weight just because of what I learnt. It's more of a healthy eating plan than a diet and it's pretty easy to follow. Goning to a class was motivating too.

Good luck with the adoption process. A friend of mine just adopted a two year old girl who's adorable. It did take sometime to get through the process, but they got there in the end.

All the best xx


This may be an old wives' tale, but I've heard of 'ovarian massage'. Basically you place your hands on your tummy, pretty much as you would if you were soothing period pain, then move them in a circular direction 36 times to the right, then 36 times to the left. Good luck with the adoption route, you're so brave to take the next step.


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