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Anybody had a embryo transfer with a lining measuring 6mm?

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Just wondering if there are any ladies on the forum that have had transfers with a lining measuring around 6mm? I’ve been trying to have a frozen transfer for over a year now and have just had my 5th FET attempt cancelled. My clinic wants my lining to be over 7mm but it averages around 6mm (6.4mm is my record, it got there once) and it also tends to start compacting back down to below 6mm the longer I take the meds. They’ve even tried keeping me on the meds for 5 weeks and the measurements just went up and down like a yo-yo.

I’ve been told I’ve now had the highest dose they can prescribe of all the meds they do. I had a scan during a natural cycle and it was only 6mm. So I have a video consultation in a week and I think they are going to discuss agreeing to transfer if it gets above 6mm.

So I’m curious to hear if anybody else has transferred at around 6mm and what the outcome was? I’m anxious as my clinic have really pushed for above 7mm for over a year and are suddenly saying 6mm is fine.

Just to note I’ve tried everything possible to thicken my lining, lots of raspberry leaf tea, castor oil packs, acupuncture, vitamin e, pomegranate juice, Brazil nuts, gentle exercise, lose dose aspirin and cutting out caffeine. They confirmed I have a good blood supply to uterus, I’ve had a hysteroscopy and a biopsy which all came back fine. It just won’t thicken!!

Sorry for the long post and thanks for bearing with me if you made it to the end 😊 xx

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Have you had your thyroid checked? I read something today that said if your T3 was low that could affect lining thickness. I struggle with lining too and have autoimmune hypothyroid. My T3 is low. I’ve read I need zinc and selenium (which you’ve taken in Brazil nuts). I was only taking selenium before so I’ve added in zinc.xx

Thank you for responding. I had my thyroid checked last year, but not in relation to my IVF treatment. I didn’t know it could effect your lining, I’ll raise this with my consultant. I’ll also look into taking a zinc supplement. Thank you for the info xx


As I'm sure you've read I also have stupid lining problems so I really know how hard it can be.

I know that I have read multiple success stories of women that have had a successful pregnancy with linings of 6mm so it's definitely possible. I have actually taken lots of screen shots of those success stories just to remind myself that it's possible when I am feeling low.

It's a really tough decision as its so hard going in to an FET if you're worried it might not work due to the lining but I just think we need to trust the professionals some times. This is so hard sometimes as we want everthing to be perfect. If everthing else is looking OK then it seems like it could be a good option.

I've only had 2 FET's and neither was successful even though the lining was much better last time. I do wonder if its a it of luck sometimes which is just really unhelpful!! :)

I am having extra progesterone injections this time as the Consultant is worried that might be the reason the embryos are failing to implant. It could be worth exploring for you?

I wish you so much luck, I really hope you are able to make a decision that you are happy with xx

Thank you for responding Pebbles. I know you’ve also struggled a lot with your lining. It’s so frustrating when it just won’t play ball!!

Thank you for your reassurance ☺️ If I’m going to to agree to transfer at around 6mm then I need to go into it with a more positive frame of mind and hearing that you’ve read about success stories helps. You’re right, I need to trust in the professionals more and I definitely think there in an element of luck with implantation.

I’m going to ask about extra progesterone. I’ve asked before but they’ve always dismissed my concerns as I’ve only ever had 1 transfer, so they said there’s no reason to look into it. But I feel if it’s taken me 13 months to make it to a transfer & on a thinner lining then surely there’s no harm in increasing it 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll see what they say.

I hope you’re doing well xx

Hi Pebbles345. Sorry about your two FETs. I hope you have achieved success since then 🤞

I have had two FETs and two cancelled cycles. Now on another.

What was your lining thickness in both, if you don't mind sharing?

And was that by progesterones start/rise day or did they also check the lining after (before the transfer)?

All best wishes!

Hi, I wish you luck with your third transfer!

I’ve been really lucky and I’m currently 6 months pregnant from my third FET after multiple cancelled transfers due to lining.

My lining on all 3 transfers was quite thin, I think I made it to 6.8 on this successful one.

I really feel like it was the extra progesterone that helped me this time but who knows!!

I wish you the best of luck, please PM me if iii need any more info xx

Excellent! Congratulations!!! 🎉🎊🎉(I will PM)

Do you know how thick your lining is during your period at the start of your cycle? I'm always surprised that they don't take this into consideration. So for example my lining for transfer is around 9mm, but it never actually gets under 5mm at the start of my cycle - which is abnormal, it's meant to be under 4mm. So if your lining at the start of your cycle was 2mm (which would be pretty normal) and went up to 6mm, we'd both have grown 4mm of "padding" for the embryo, but they'd be very happy to transfer to me and would generally think your lining was too thin. Doesn't make sense to me xx

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Lavender96 in reply to LCharlton

That’s an interesting point. I’ve only ever been scanned at the start of my cycle once, about 2 years ago and I think it was about 3mm. But I’d never thought about asking to see how much my lining actually grows during my cycle. They don’t scan at the start of the FET but I’ll definitely ask my consultant about this xx

Thanks, LCharlton. So it is not just the thickness, but by how much it has grown? Interesting.

I am in exactly same position and after 6 cancelled FET due to lining they are aiming for 6 if the structure is good. Xx I was so nervous about this as they are my last embryos ... but they have literally tried everything so I guess I just have to trust them. X

I think they’ll say exactly the same to me at my video consultation. They’ll transfer above 6mm but dependant on the structure. They’ve said on past attempts that the structure looked good. I completely understand your nerves, it’s making me quite anxious. But I agree, we’ll have to put our trust in them. Do you mind me asking when you’re due to start your FET? xx

I have my first scan on Friday, which is day 7. I ovulate early so they are keeping an eye on that as I’m doing a natural FET x

I’m going to ask if I can try a natural FET if they want me to transfer at 6mm. My clinic are very reluctant as they like to control transfer days, but the medication clearly isn’t working. Wishing you loads of luck for Friday, got everything crossed it’s a good scan🤞🏼xx

I would certainly ask to try a natural. I don’t respond to artificial Estrogen at all. What was your lining on your fresh rounds?

In the words of my consultant ‘it just about reaches 7mm’ during a fresh. I don’t respond to artificial Estrogen at all, I’ve had my dose increased so many times now and tried different types and it’s always measures the same regardless of what I take. Really hoping they’ll let me try a natural. I hope your scan went well today xx

It was only day 7 so couldn’t really tell us much at this stage. I would certainly push for a natural xxx

Random question but how do you take your oestrogen? xx

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Lavender96 in reply to Millbanks

On my last 2 rounds I had tablets (progynova), patches and vaginal pessaries. Pretty much every way you can take it except injections I think xx

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Millbanks in reply to Lavender96

For my last round I was taking tablets orally and when my lining wasn't thick enough they asked me to add 2 more vaginally - which I think helped. But it sounds as though you have tried everything! xx

Did they agree to a natural cycle yet? I've just had a transfer (2days ago), but my lining had reduced to around 6 or 7, she did lots of measurements and couldn't be sure which! The week before (before if started the progesterone it was 9.1, but id had some bleeding so they wanted to check!)

In the end they said it all looked good, but having reduced that much wasn't ideal. They gave me the choice to go ahead or not! Obviously I wanted to as I was there and ready!!!

I'll know in a couple of weeks if it was the right decision or not!!???!

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Peanutchips in reply to LSandJ

Hey LSandJ, my understanding is that the lining decreases after progesterone is added as it starts to compact. I could be wrong though. Best of luck! Xx

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LSandJ in reply to Peanutchips

I've read that since!! Just seems odd the Doc didn't say that when she scanned? I'm would've expected her to say 'it's a bit less but that's usual with the progesterone'??!! Instead she said "if this was your last embryo, I'd suggest delaying"!!! I called the nurse the next day though and she mentioned it could have been due to the changes too! So trying to not worry and just have to wait and see!


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Lavender96 in reply to LSandJ

I had to wait for a hysteroscopy which confirmed that I have a small amount of scar tissue in my uterus and so they wouldn’t let me try a natural cycle. So I’m trying another medicated cycle with the agreement that I can transfer if my lining gets above 6mm. I have my scan later this week.

On previous attempts, when they’ve kept me on the meds to see if it will get thicker, my lining has always gone backwards and got thinner. I’ve never had any bleeding, they said it must compact back down. So they won’t keep me on them for longer this time, just make the decision at my first scan. I know your lining does compact when they introduce the progesterone. Hope you’re coping ok with the 2ww, best of luck xx

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Facingreality in reply to LSandJ

Hello LS and J. I hope things worked out for you. Success?🤞I am doing a natural cycle frozen embryo transfer. My lining was 8.5mm at ovulation, but like you it was checked again. The very next day, scan showed compaction to 7.2mm.

In my case, I am concerned, but it is my clinic urging to go ahead. I wonder whether it is the money motive (so that I pay in full and not just a cancellation fee). I want to have it checked again before embryo transfer, but they are discouraging that, saying it would just cause me 'anxiety'. Should I be worried?

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LSandJ in reply to Facingreality

Try not to worry! I heard a lot of opinions in the end! Many saying that the measurements can vary anyway. Mine was measured again after I'd started the progesterone, which would make it compact anyway. So it was actually expected to be a bit thinner by then. Not sure why the doc didn't say that though! Yours is over 7 still though, so it's fine!! (I do agree that checking again might be more of a worry as it is supposed to compact by trabsfer day if you are taking progesterone support!) If its a natural cycle I don't think the thickness matters so much because your body is doing whatever it would do naturally and therefore it will be good for implantation! Some ladies get a lot less with natural but that's fine! Unfortunately I haven't had a postitive pregnancy yet! But it was never mentioned again that the lining could have been a problem!!

We've decided we have just been unlucky and are trying again. This time with a double transfer!

Also I saw your post about progesterone... I've been told progesterone is progesterone and the make doesn't really make any difference! It's only how messy they are and if you get along with it, it's fine.

I'm wondering why you are on it though if yours waS high when no extra support? Why is it needed? Just extra I suppose? What level was it before? And will you be tested again? X

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Facingreality in reply to LSandJ

Many thanks, LSand J 🙏

That is part of my worry. The clinic prescribes their 'standard protocol' to all regardless of individual peculiarities and results. Quite worrisome. Whenever I question things they say, "but look at our statistics", as if that answers everything.

P is high for me. My lining compacted in last natural cycle even without add progesterone. My natural progesterone was 70 nmol/L on transfer day. 7 days after transfer, I got a BfP (I tested early) and a blood test same day showed P at 118 nmol/L. One week later 98 nmol/L. I understand that is quite high.

I suppose because I am getting on in age, they assume my P will be low? (I worry when clinics make too many assumptions.)

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Facingreality in reply to LSandJ

Sorry you did not get a positive yet, LS and J. I hope the next cycle with double transfer brings success for you.

Sending you many positive thoughts ☮️

Ok(ish). Very tempted to test but I'm only 5dp5dt, I'm going to wait until 8 days! Currebtly doing a 2ww yoga! Unfortunately the day of transfer I got an alert to isolate for 14 days so am in the house 2nd guessing every symptom. Is it pregnancy, is it covid, is it because I've sat for too long!! Jst got to be patient!

Good luck with your scan this week! What estrogen are you on to build the lining? Mine is 8mg of progynova..!

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Lavender96 in reply to LSandJ

Ahh well done for resisting the temptation, I know how hard that is!! 😆 the joys of symptom spotting, can drive us crazy! Definitely not made easier by having to isolate, so that’s basically your entire 2ww in insolation 😳 I hope you’ve got a good box set and book to help distract you.

I’m on 12mg of progynova, oestrogen patches and 80mg of oestrogen pessaries 😕 my linings just about got above 6mm of my previous cancelled cycles, so now I’m paranoid this will be the first time it doesn’t. Trying to stay positive though x

Best to! Get some fertility yoga done too! I've seen some especially for developing the lining! Hopefully this one will be the same as the others and you'll transfer fine! When is the scan to find out? Keep me updated!@ x

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Lavender96 in reply to LSandJ

I’ve been doing some fertility yoga I found on YouTube, praying it helps🤞🏼🙏🏻 my scan is on Friday, ridiculously nervous about it. How are you getting on? x

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LSandJ in reply to Lavender96

I bet you are!! So you are having tour scan the same day I'm testing! (Not offocial test date, but when I want to!) Nerve wracking but exciting too! Keep doing those yoga! Get those legs up! Any raspberry leaf tea?!! X

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Lavender96 in reply to LSandJ

Ahh a nervous day for us both!! Wishing you loads of luck, I normally test around 8 days as well, just can’t wait the full 14. I’ve been guzzling the raspberry leaf tea and pomegranate juice as well. Basically anything I’ve read that can help with blood flow. The things we have to do 🤦🏻‍♀️😆 x

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LSandJ in reply to Lavender96

Good news from Khess below too! We'll be fine!!!!

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LSandJ in reply to Lavender96

Good luck today! Praying for 6mm!!! (Negative test for me this morning so am hoping it was just a couple of days too early!!) Will test again in 2 or 3 days!!

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Lavender96 in reply to LSandJ

Aww I’m sorry, definitely still early days though so stay positive. I’m on the way to my scan, will let you know how I get on x

Wishing you so much luck!!🤞xx

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Lavender96 in reply to LSandJ

Not great news at my scan, it was only 5.4mm which is the worst it’s ever been 😔 they want me to stay on the meds for 1 more week to see if it will get to 6mm, so I have to go back next Friday. I’ve done this before though and it’s always decreased instead of increased so I’m not feeling very optimistic right now. Need to try and stay positive x

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LSandJ in reply to Lavender96

Oh I'm sorry to hear that! So bloody annoying when they've thrown everything at it!!I wonder how anyone gets bloody pregnant by accident I really do!!!

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Millbanks in reply to LSandJ

I hear that!!

Awww man, Im sorry Lavender!! What a disappointment for you.xx

Oh I'm so sorry to hear this, I've been in the same situation a number of times. Have to had a scratch? I know they arent for everyone but I've had 2 now and they are the only thing that gets me to 7mm (still not great!).Are you in max pills and patches? xx

I’ve enquired about having a scratch and my clinic said they don’t do them anymore. I’d literally try anything now so I’m I was disappointed by that response.

Yes I’m on max pills, max patches and estrogen pessaries. My consultant said I’m on the max dose of everything now. I’m going to ask about the scratch again as they gave no explanation as to why they stopped doing them xx

My BFP has just been on a transfer of 6mm, I’ve had 3 cycles cancelled from not being able to get too 6.5+ mm, they told me it’s only a 19% chance it will work but here I am finally able to say I’m 5 weeks pregnant, so honestly hunny don’t let what they say bring you down stay positive and best of luck ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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LSandJ in reply to Khess124

Oooooh! Thats fantastic to hear! Congratulations!! How are you feeling? I'm now 7dp5dt, really want to test!!!

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Lavender96 in reply to Khess124

Ahh this is fabulous to hear! Thank you for responding, it’s definitely given me more hope 😊. I know how disheartening it is when you have cycles cancelled so I’m so pleased you got your BFP. Congratulations x

Hello Khess124. Lucky you. Congratulations!!! 🎉Was your 6mm on day of progesterone start, or day of (or a day before) transfer?

If it was day of progesterone start, did they scan you again before transfer?

I was taking progesterone and progynova for a few weeks to stop my follicles from grow and to encourage my lining to thicken, they scanned me before transfer and every 2 days from the beginning of the round, always on short protocols, unfortunately it did land in a miscarriage and we’ve just started another round x

Sorry to hear that, Khess124. I hope this time means success for you. Positive thoughts.

I had a miscarriage at 6wks4d in March, so I can imagine some of what you felt/are feeling. It can be heartbreaking.

Was your 6mm on day of progesterone start, or day of (or a day before) transfer?

And did they scan your lining at all between progesterone start and transfer day?

Thank you 🤞🏻❤️ and yep I was 5w 4 days and it all came crashing down, I was scanned a day before transfer and it was 5.6mm, they scanned me every other day from the day of taking progesterone xxx

Hey there - My experience is not IVF related but I was on my first clomid cycle and when I had my ovulation scans in my last one the fertility nurse told me sorry it is not going to work on this cycle, she said the egg is nice & big and will release soon but your lining is 3.5mm. She said we would expect at least 6mm at this stage in the cycle. She said even if I got pregnant the egg would then not implant since the lining is too thin. (Side effect of clomid)

I am now 7 weeks pregnant from that same exact cycle. I have my first scan next week and I am worried something may not be right but trying to stay positive!

I guess like other people have said on this thread, sometimes it is just luck and not all pregnancies or conceptions are text book. I guess with IVF they want to give you the very best chance of success 💜 good luck!!

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Pebbles345 in reply to Lr91

Congratulations, this gives me such a lot of hope ❤️xx

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Lr91 in reply to Pebbles345

So glad I could help and I am hoping everything will be ok on my scan. If I got pregnant on 3.5mm then 6mm should definitely be plenty. Stay positive - maybe that helped me too as in a way when they said sorry it hasn’t worked I kind of gave up for that cycle and literally didn’t even think about it. Good luck it will all work out for you I am sure 💙🤞🏻

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Lavender96 in reply to Lr91

Wow, that’s amazing to hear!! Thank you for taking the time to respond, this really has given me a lot of hope 😊 I think you’re right that it can just come down to luck sometimes. It’s a very nerve wracking time waiting for that first scan, wishing you loads of luck for next week x

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Lr91 in reply to Lavender96

Thank you so much! Will update you :) absolutely - my chances were probably tiny - to be honest the nurse basically said 0. I remember feeling super deflated but then thought ‘it was never going to work the first time, what were you even thinking to expect it to be successful’

Just shows you can absolutely get lucky. I have severe PCOS and this must have been my first natural ovulation In over 10 -12 years.

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Facingreality in reply to Lr91

Wow, Lr91. Lining never got past 3.5mm? That must be a record. Congratulations!!🎉

It was a BFN and despite being slightly prepared from the negatives days 8-10, I still feel pretty awful today!

Sorry to hear about the scratch you've mentioned. Defo ask why, I'm guessing it doesn't have any clinical benefit?

Do you still have another scan Friday to see if it's improved? Will you push to have the transfer even if it is deemed too low? The news from LR91 makes me wonder if lower would be ok anyway!!!!?!?!

This is all just so unfair! I can't believe processes aren't better yet! Today I'm feeling sad, angry and deflated. I'll get back on it, just need a while to recover!

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Lavender96 in reply to LSandJ

Aww I’m so sorry. The BFNs never get any easier no matter how much we try to prepare 😔 It really is so unfair. Definitely take some time to recover, I do think we need to take the time to feel sad about it and process it, then we’re in a better place for the next try.

I will ask about the scratch again, I think they’ll say they don’t think it has any benefit, but they definitely used to do them so I’d like to know what’s changed.

Yes my scan is tomorrow. I think I’m at a stage now where I would have it even if it’s low, but I don’t know if they would let me. It’s taken me 5 cancelled cycles to get them to agree to do it below 7mm. I think it will depend on the quality as well, if they say it’s looking good with a triple line, but just slightly below 6mm then I’ll push and see what they say. Really need to think more positive, but I’m not expecting much improvement from last week as it’s never thickened more in an extra week in any of my last 5 attempts xx

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LSandJ in reply to Lavender96

I'll have my fingers crossed for you for tomorrow! But I can understand why you wouldn't be hopeful as it has never worked before. I would hope they'll be planning something different for you at least! Obvioulsy your lining works a bit different! I'd defo push to go for it even if it is low, but if looking good with 3 lines! Maybe you just have lower than most. And if they haven't got a different option I'd say it is worth a punt!!? (Do you have more more one frostie?)

It's just such an emotional roller coaster. I feel a lot better today! Obviously not what I wanted, but nothing I can do! Get the testing done and maybe some answers!

Let us know how tomorrow goes, I'll be routing for you xx

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LSandJ in reply to Lavender96

How was is Lavender?

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Lavender96 in reply to LSandJ

They cancelled my transfer 😢 my lining was 5.4mm which is exactly the same as last week and they said it’s the thinnest it’s ever been for me so they didn’t want to risk a transfer. I would have been happy to try as I have 4 frozen embryos, but it was a hard no from the clinic!! This is my 6th cancelled FET in a row now, so I was licking my wounds last night (with a glass of wine!).

I asked about the scratch, they said there’s no clinical research that it works so they won’t do them anymore! They only stopped at the beginning of this year though!

They want me to try a natural FET next, which I’m actually happy to try as I’ve asked to try one previously and been told no (due to a small amount of scarring in my uterus). But I’ve exhausted all the medicated options now, so I think trying natural is the only option left.

How are you feeling today? xx

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LSandJ in reply to Lavender96

Gutted for you. So sorry to hear this! I hope the natural transfer is a better option! It certainly sounds it, and you'll get some good info about your natural cycle! I wonder if your lining is going to be thinner anyway, but at least then they'd know! I also couldn't see why the scaring would matter if natural or frozen (I guess they have a reason, but I can't instantly see it!!) Natural will be great! I hope you don't have to wait too long! I'm feeling ok now, just gota wait til my followup. Not until mid Jan... but not feeling so bad about that now either. Silver lining, at least I can drink over Xmas!!

Hello Lavender96

Sorry to read about the issues you faced with lining. I hope things worked out for you in the end and you have achieved success.

A friend, who is a fertility doctor, told me that after several cancelled cycles, their clinic proceeded to transfer for a woman with 6mm lining. The woman was happy to proceed. And she got pregnant.

(Have you had uterine surgery in the past or been on the pill long term? I was surprised to learn that these are some of the causes of thin lining. If true, women need to be made aware of this. It is unfortunate that the risks are not highlighted to women beforehand.)

Was your clinic concerned about lining thickness by the progesterone start day? Or also the lining thickness around the time of transfer days later? I get confused about that sometimes. That is, is it lining thickness at progesterone start? or ET day? Or both?

My hysteroscopy came back clear too. I am currently taking Vitamin E, supplements, a little pineapple, and pomegranate. And I had acupuncture, with another session scheduled for embryo transfer day.

In January cycle, my lining was about 7.8mm by progesterone start and when I requested a scan days later (a day before ET), which the clinic had discouraged, the lining was down to just under 6mm. The cycle was cancelled even though the consultant later told me that he might have gone ahead, but decided to cancel to be on the safe side. I only took vitamin supplements that cycle, no special fruits or acupuncture.

February cycle, I took pineapple and pomegranate. My lining was about 9mm, I still requested a scan just before transfer day. It was down to about 7.7. Transfer went ahead. I was more comfortable with that cycle. I had acupuncture the day of transfer. BFP, but a later miscarriage.

Now on a new cycle. Lining was 8.5mm. I requested a couple of monitoring scans until ET day. Next day (yesterday), lining had compacted to 7.4mm. A one day drop. Today's scan: 7.4mm still. I am somewhat glad that it hasn't thinned further. I have another scan scheduled for the day before embryo transfer (self-requested).

(I must say, my clinic and other clinics I believe, discourage scanning the lining thickness after progesterone start/rise, but I feel it is important to know. For instance, if lining compacts to 4mm by transfer day, shouldn't that be a worry? It worries me that because clinics do not check, they lose much potential research data about the effect of lining thickness just before embryo transfer. Perhaps it is not so important. But a USA doctor recently informed me that the institute they send their data to now requires them to measure the lining just before embryo transfer. About time, IMO.)

Sending positive thoughts to you. All best wishes.

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