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First Ivf cancelled in April. Which tests can I ask for/get done from my GP?


Hi the subject title says it all really. I did see a post skirting around the edges of this a few days ago about AMH and FSH but I don’t really know what they are? Are they both blood tests? I’ve searched for it but I can’t find it now. Any info greatly appreciated 😁 x

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Also I had a blood test last year to check if I was ovulating. All they said was that it looked like I was. I wasn’t given a report or anything with statistics etc. Thanks x

Sorry to hear that you've had your cycle cancelled due to covid, so many people in the same boat and its officially crap! Your GP wont do your AMH. I also see below that you have had your day 21 progesterone test to check if you were ovulating so thats good. I would think you have had all the initial tests done with your clinic if you were due to have your cycle.xx

Thanks so much for your reply. I’m not so sure it was to start the cycle as such, it was just an appointment for the next step in the process we haven’t had the information evening yet as we are really early stages so I don’t even know what the full process/timescale is yet 🙈 I’ve had one blood test and my partner has had his sample analysis (which was fine thankfully). We have had a letter telling us they can’t give us a date for when it will resume but are on the waiting list xxx

Ahhh I see! Well I would imagine your GP has done most of your bloods that he/she can before referring you to your clinic. I guess the good thing is they havent found anything drastic so far. Its horrible waiting, especially when you know you were at the top of the list a few months ago. Hang on in there.xx

Thanks you too 😘 xxx

GP only offered me blood test at day 5 and day 21 of my cycle. They confirmed that I am ovulating and that was it. I did AMH test at the centre of reproductive medicine and costed me £80. Wasn’t that much comparing with what we spent so far 🤪😁.

We also had our cycle cancelled in March and finally we made it this month. 🤞hope you will start also soon 🤗

That’s helpful, thank you! I’ll look into AMH testing elsewhere. So pleased you have been able to start again this month. Fingers crossed for you too! Xx

Thank you! I had my eggs retrieved yesterday 😂🥴 so I need now a bit of luck 😄

Ah brill best of luck 🍀🍀🍀🍀 xxx

My gp did my amh check and then progesterone at day 21. Gp also organised sperm test at local hospital for my husband. When we got to clinic the only other thing they asked for was a blood test to see if I had rubella immunity . My gp agreed that they would do it for me because a consultant requested it. It saved us some money. Maybe you could ask ? Tell your dr you need to know if you are immune and if dr can’t tell you can they check your bloods?

Then that should be you good to go.

Hopefully it won’t be long now 😘💐💐💐🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💖💖💖💖

That’s really helpful thanks so much! 💞 xx

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