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First IVF/ICSI round - total rest if I get pregnant?

My partner and I are going for our first round of IVF/ICSI in March. If all goes well, I would be pregnant for just 16 days and need to travel to Vienna for a work customer event I'm organizing. I can sit down most of the day and can miss the "do" in the evening (or leave very early) without anyone batting an eye-lid. But I'm just wondering if I should find an excuse not to go. It would be tricky as I'm organizing all the content, but my boss (male and not someone I could confide in) is ultimately the person in charge.

Having a baby means so much to my partner and I. I'm nearly 43 and childless by circumstance having had heatache in previous relationships. My AMH is low 3 pmol/L and the doctor could only see 4 follicles in my right ovary. The left one was imobile and is a bit of a mystery. My partner has low sperm motility (12% motile sperm and 4% progressively motile). I wish we could get going with treatment in Feb, but the treatment centre doesn't have any slots.

My work's not particularly stressful...and the event won't be either. I'm doing everything I can from a nutrition, acupuncture and rest perspective. Any advice anyone has is very welcome. :-)

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Hi :) welcome to the forum! Your job sounds very interesting! It is totally up to u however my advice would be dont do anything that u might later regret. If u feel u could handle the trip and all it entails then go for it but if u think it will stress u out knowing u have to go then make ur excuses. Im sure ur doctor would provide a doctor's note for ur boss re: not going on the trip if that's what u decided.

Not nice to think about but if it isnt a positive result u may not feel able to attend a work trip away from ur support systems. However, there's every reason it will be a positive im just thinking about all scenarios. You know ur body best and what u would feel most comfortable with!! Xx


Sounds amazing but I think to be on the safe side no flying until 12 weeks


I flew when I was 10 Weeks and I’m now 21 weeks pregnant, the midwife said there was no reason why I couldn’t fly and just to make sure I drank plenty of water throughout the flight and move around when I could. It’s a personal decision and I’d say do whatever u feel most comfortable with x


I flew to America for my sisters wedding when just over 4 weeks pregnant and back at nearly 7 weeks. My consultant was fine with this although I did have to take extra precautions (blood thinning injections) due to it being long haul, which yours wouldn’t be.

There is no evidence to suggest increased risk to the baby if flying when pregnant although generally the risk of miscarriage is higher in the first 12 weeks so not a nice thought but maybe that’s something to consider if you’re going away from home.

As long as the event isn’t going to be too stressful for you I’d say there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go. I was hiking up mountains around a National Park at 6 weeks (I’m usually very fit & active) and everything so far is fine (I’m now 25 weeks) and it sounds like you’re doing all the right things for your health generally. Good luck with your cycle! x


I had my transfer in Poland and flew back two days after. They give diazepam for 5 days after to stop uterus contractions which helped. I’m 7 days past 5 days blastocyst transfyand have already had pregnancy confirmed yesterday!! I have to fly for work tomorrow but changed flights to do it over two days and will fly again in feb for work. Blood flow to uterus is good just do what makes you comfortable. I am on my feet all day so trying to rest when I can Best of luck for everything. Big hugs xxx


Hi, finger crossed for your ivf!!

I think that flying won't be a problem if you are 2 ww pregnant, however in the whole ivf process there's so much to take in emotionally (also medication can be pretty tiresome but it varies from woman to woman) that I would avoid making plans that would add more stress to and distract from your main objective. I have gone through ivf last November, it was unsuccessful unfortunately and I am glad I didn't have to go back to work in the following weeks as I was in a quite bad mood.

The doctor can always sign you off with a note that doesn't necessariy mention ivf :)

All the best, we root for you!


Thank you so much for your replies. I’ve never posted on any forum before. It’s a real comfort reading about ladies going thro the same thing. I read an article about Julia Bradbury having twins when she was 44 thro IVF (she already had a 4-year old at the time) last night. Her doc said the chances go down from 35% at >40 to 20% at 40-42 and 5% at 44. Made me feel really anxious - the last thing I need 😔. I just so want the chance to be mine. I’ll find an excuse to get out of the event...although also realise I need to work to afford the cycle(s). Love and luck to you all.


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