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About to start first cycle - can I work away from home?


Hello, I am due to start my first short protocol on my next period due in 3 weeks.

I’m scheduled to be injections menopur for two weeks at least, I have booked the second week off work and the following week also hoping that timings fall into place well so i am off work for all the scans etc.

The first week of injections however I need to stay away from home two nights, I have a national job so 2 nights is keeping it to a minimum hence the annual leave for two weeks.

I know I need to take it at the same time (planning 8pm each night) but does it need to be stored in the fridge? Will I find it hard in the first week having never done it before to do it alone? (Silly question I know) just looking for advice and moral support really.

My hubby was signed off to inject me at our lesson with the nurse this week so he is going to have to miss two nights. It’s a surprise to me that he says he wants to be involved as much as possible. We have waited for this first cycle for nearly a year and right now me and hubby are the closet and strongest we have been in a long while. Which must be good before embarking on this epic emotional rollercoaster?!

Thank you in advance!!

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Hey! I am not sure if this was the same medication as I was on - but mine did not need refrigeration, and I would have been ok to bring the medicine with me if I had to go away for a couple of nights. Just get a secure container as the little viles are very fragile.

Some people might be able to advise if this specific medicine needs refrigeration....

Best of Luck with your cycle.


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Thanking you :-)

I got told by my clinic that menopur should be kept in the fridge but would double check with your own clinic. Could you check to see if where you are staying has a fridge available that you could use? Even if you box it up and put your name on it so nobody can see what's inside it? I think you wil manage just fine by yourself if you can get storage for meds sorted!xx

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Okay good idea. I can kindly ask the hotel to store it and can disguise it for the work kitchen during the day. Thank you!

If you have Menopur with saline solution and vial of powder then this doesn’t need to go in fridge, you mix it just before injecting, I think the pre-mixed version needs to go in fridge. The injections aren’t too bad, I was nervous the first time but was doing the whole thing myself towards the end, I just had my partner pass me things and clean up after me 😂😂! Hopefully you’ll get to do your first few with him there and I’m sure you’ll be fine doing them on your own while you’re away and he can help you for your other sessions xx

Ah thank you.... I remember, it’s the powder version. Feeling Encouraged by your system :-) thank you xxx

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I had the powder version to self mix and still had to keep mine in the fridge. I work in the hospital and had nowhere to store it so clinic asked me to pick it up at the end of the end so they could keep it cold for me until I was going home.xx


I was on Menopur and it doesn't neet to be in the fridge. I found all injections easy and didn't get any bruises at all.As long as you do your first one the rest will just get easier. You wll be just fine hun.

Good luck 😘😘

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Thank you very much 😁😁

Hi, I was on menopur and was told to keep it in the fridge, but I’m sure (like the ladies say) it’s prior to mixing the products that requires refrigerating, however I just keep it in the fridge, even after mixing. I had to go away too and the hotel arranged a small fridge for me, worth asking! The injections are not as bad as you think, once you’ve done the first one you’ll be fine and by the trigger injection - you’ll be thinking, what did I ever worry about. Good luck with everything x

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Thank you for taking the time to reply and for your advice. Don’t feel half as anxious now :-)

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