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Not ovulating - does anyone knows reasons?


Hi Ladies,

It’s my third cycle where I have not ovulated. I am old (43) but having period every month. Does anyone knows reasons for failing to ovulate?



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There are a whole host of reasons why some people dont ovulate, high prolactin, thyroid issues, low ovarian reserves/perimenopause, hormone imbalance such as PCOS, low BMI......there are probably more but that's the main ones I can think of for now.xx

I have hypothyroidism but as I am treated it should not be the reason. Does low ovarian reserve cause not to ovulate? (Mine is very low). My clinic has scanned me and seen a nice large follicle several times around the right date but then that follicles did not rupture they said, ie I did not ovulate.

If you are already under control with that then that wont be a reason. Has your private clinic not made any suggestions as to why you dont ovulate?xx

No. That’s why I am trying to see if anyone has an answer in the group.

My clinic will make me ovulate with the trigger so the reason for no ovulation is not their main concern. But I would like to understand

Im guessing nothing has jumped out at them so far if they cant give you a reason so you may never find out unfortunately. Your extremely low AMH may have something to do with it but it would be better to discuss with your clinic as they will have all your results in front of them. Good luck.xx

Hi. I'm of a similar age and due to previous surgery + age, have very low ovarian reserve. i had one IVF cycle and as I only produced 2 follicles and only one egg after high stim, my doctor advised I don't spend any more money trying IVF with my own eggs as I'd have just as good a chance without IVF. Hard to hear but I'm a medic by background also so I think that was the right call. It's not unusual for menopause to start at about our age and sometimes you just dont ovulate or the quality of the eggs produced aren't ideal for conception. My docs advise was egg donation and this is the journey I am on right now (at least I would be on it if we didnt go into lockdown in the middle of the process.

It's not impossible that women our age will conceive naturally but with low ovarian reserve it is very hard. There are some docs who specialise in this segment so you could speak to one and try and diagnose your specific situation. Even with treatment hypothyroidism could still be a factor and also good to screen for other things Cinderella mentioned. Good luck...

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