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Not ovulating on natural FET?

Hi xxx hope everybody is enjoying the nice weather this weekend....

I am a little bit worried....my periods are usually 28 days and I usually ovulate around day 13. After my failed transfer back in Feb my cycle was a little longer around 30 days and then I had a scratch on my next cycle (which was my last cycle on day 21) and I had a very early period on day 24. I am currently on day 13 of this cycle and have been taking ovulation tests as I am having a natural FET since day 9 (I am currently day 13). The first day I had no surge at all and since then (4 days) I have had high fertility. I still have not had my peak yet. I had a scan last Wednesday and the lining of my womb was 4mm with one folicle measured at 12 so they asked me to come back on Friday and the lining of my womb was 9mm and the follicle had grown to 17 - so they don't think I have missed my chance yet. However I am stil worried I have had 4 days at high and peak still hasn't shown up. How long should I expect a high? And what day do you usually ovulate in your cycle???

Sorry for rambling message I am just worried I am going to miss it this month xxx

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I've ovulated on day 13 and as late as 17!  When it was day 17 my cycle was 32 days.  And I had a test only show high fertility, but the blood tests and scan all confirmed ovulation.  Annoying!  And not helpful, sorry!


They haven't offered me blood tests should I be having those as well as the tests?? X



I am supposed to be starting a nat FET this month they've not told me much except they measure my bloods daily for one week.

My cycle is out of sync now I think it must be the hormones from the last failure- fingers crossed next week gives a clearer picture? 

I'm normally the same as you, wait and see what they say. I never thought it would be so friggin' complicated to make a baby! 😫 

Sending you lots of hope & best wishes. Love xx


Hey! They never mentioned to me about blood tests I think I will ring them tomorrow and ask for them but I am pretty sure I've missed it this month!! Did another test this morning and it's still bloody flashing at me!!!! (That means high fertility).

It's so frustrating I chose natural FET as I wanted to try and get pregnant as naturally as possible and it's so difficult!!!

Good luck with yours- when do you start? Xx


Hi :)

Whenever this period arrives, I've been pms-ing for a week now I'm starting to think those synthetic hormones really have played havoc with my body!! 

Well I've read clinics do all different methods, when I go in for my pre treatment nurse discussion and baseline test & scan I'll tell you more about what Edinburgh do. It's really tiring me out thinking about it all - I don't know how much more I can take!! 😢

Good luck!! Xx


Well I'm happy this morning as finally got my peak and will be having my transfer either Friday or sat waiting for clinic to ring me back! Was stressed as I had my scratch last month and didn't want to have to go through that again so quickly!!

Good luck to you too xxx

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Try checking morning and night I had to do that as sometimes you can ovulate after you've tried testing in the morning and it may not show up the next morning x


Yeah I have been trying morning and night since I got high. How many days did you have high for? Xx


Oh bleugh! I'd missed it one month and the second month I was around day 17 or 18 of a 28 day cycle. But once I got my surge I didn't continue checking to see 

I used the clear blue digital so only gave me a smiley face when I had a surge x 


some people get high, but no peak  because they had an annovulation cycle. (No egg).  Possibly you missed your peak or no egg this round.


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