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Hi all. I found out yesterday I am not ovulating properly. I have endometriosis, a blocked tube and a cyst which is the cause, I presume. I am going to have another laparoscopy (my first was 2 years ago) and the consultant has also suggested he does a procedure to stimulate the ovaries during the operation. I just wondered if anyone else had this and could tell me more about success, recovery etc?

Any help appreciate 😊 x

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  • Hi Vix, I was told a similar thing last year in April that I have endometriosis, a blocked tube and a cyst which caused ovulation problems. I therefore had a laparoscopy November in which they removed the cyst, cleaned the endo and reported that the only way for my to conceive is via IVF. I think until you have your lap and they have had a look inside, it is difficult for them to know more about the severity of it. Hang in there for your lap and hopefully the news is good. I suggest you take a few days to a week off after your lap to recover. Sending prayers and love to you. xxx

  • Thank you for your comments. I know I need to be more patient! I am struggling a little with the news. I have a very positive husband which is great. That's helpful to know they were able to tell you soon after that IVF was your only option. I hope you had a happy ending or the treatment is at least going well. Thank you so much x

  • Hi vix04 .I had the same and ended up 2 years ago having 2 sets of keyhole surgery, the removed cysts but my large one they drained instead of removed but has not grown since,they took my left Fallopian tube as crushed and cleared endometetriois. I had to have 2 weeks off after to heal. The doctors said the chances of conceiving without IVF were so small and IVF needed, currently on round 3, BFN first time, BFP second time but sadly miscarried at 8 weeks and on stimulation currently....hopefully now you know what the reason is you can get treatment and may not need IVF once that treated, or if so then better luck as cysts etc been dealt with. All takes a bit of time so hang in there and good luck xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear your story so far and thank you for sharing with me. I have read a lot about IVF and the length of time it can take. I wish you all the best. Thank you for replying and the information you gave x

  • And I wish you all the luck in the world. I am in a support group and have been for last year, highly recommend as I have got so much strength and normality from being part of a network of people going through similar and knowing not alone....lots of love xxxxx

  • Thank you. That's good to know I will look into that. I can imagine being around people that are going through the same thing is strength for all. Xx

  • Hi vix04. Women, who are not ovulating, often have a problem with their ovaries being a bit polycystic. If this is the case with you, then your consultant will probably do some diathermy on your ovaries so that follicles can form easily and allow eggs to be able to β€œget out” during ovulation. He/she will most likely drain the cyst and remove any endometriosis where possible. It may be possible to save your tubes, but that would depend upon where it is blocked, as excess fluid leaking back from the tube into the womb, can sometimes be responsible in preventing a developing embryo to implant. Sounds like lots to β€œtidy up”, but should be straightforward for your specialist. Hope all goes well and that you are good to go afterwards. Diane

  • Thank you for the information and reassurance. That is what my consultant has briefly covered. Fingers crossed it helps for the pain and fertility aspects!

  • Hi vix04. I'm sure it will - it's amazing what a bit of "hoovering" can do! He/she will look after you I'm sure, and from working with them, they love lots of little bits to clear up! Diane

  • Lovely thank you! 😊

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