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Anyone go ahead and transfer with polyp present?

Had a hysteroscopy to remove a polyp before fet. Just had a scan and the polyp is still there! Anyone else experienced this or gone ahead and got a BFP with a polyp? Really need some positivity today😢 x

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Did they miss it?

I had a polyp and my clinic made me freeze all and have it removed before they’d put an embryo in.

The nurse said in was necessary to give the embryo the best chance of implantation . Can you get a quick nhs app via your private clinic dr?

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I only had the polyp removed two weeks ago!! The dr at the time said he had removed it all and the cavity was clear. So confused to now be showing a clear polyp on the 3D scan. My clinic said it is most likely the same polyp but possibly scarring although that should have come out in the bleed I had. It’s so frustrating. I have the option to go ahead with FET next week or have another hysteroscopy. So confused and frustrated.

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What is your clinic recommending? Mine decided no for me.

Sounds like they didn’t get it 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Is just strange as I have the report saying it as completely removed. They said we can go ahead with transfer next week. Just have to hope the embryo avoids the area with the polyp. What reasons did you clinic give for saying no?

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They just said mine was 1cm and too big, no point putting it in as it was big and could impact implantation . They decided this in morning of egg collection when they got a good look at it .

If your clinic think you are ok then you are. They wouldn’t bother if it would cause a problem .

If you are not happy, then insist it is removed before proceeding , no regrets then!

Hi, hope you are okay. I’m going to see my specialist on Monday about possible transfer with possible polyp present. Waiting on the nhs takes to long. I know it’s best to remove them but people get pregnant naturally all the time and don’t even know they have them. In my circumstances I have endo so I can’t afford to wait for nhs to remove a polyp and my endo grow back and cause more damage! Have you spoken to someone for advice on what they think? Your clinic? What have they suggested? Xxxx

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Thanks that’s what I keep trying to tell myself. I think we will go ahead with transfer next week as the polyp is only 8mm and hasn’t got bigger since last week. Just really confused about what the hysteroscopy actually did. Feels like a complete waste of time. Next decision is one or two embryos. Climic had said two but with the polyp they Say only one. But it’s my choice. Hope you get good news on Monday. It’s so hard waiting xxx

Do you know whereabouts the polyp is located? I have a fibroid, like you I had a hysteroscopy to remove it but when it came to doing IVF it was there still!

I was told at the clinic, the location of it wouldn’t affect my success and I’m now pregnant so I think it really depends on the location of it as to whether it might cause an issue or not?x

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thank you for sharing a positive outcome. Where was your fibroid located? Mine is at the top of my uterus. They said we can go ahead with FET just feel so frustrated that it was supposed to be gone this time to give us a better chance. It was only found late last time right before transfer and had grown because of hormone treatment.

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Mine is somewhere at the top of my uterus as well! I don’t know exactly where, I’m sure they have said, they always show me it but I find it had to grasp on those scans where they mean but they always say it’s not an issue so I’m not too worried. It’s massively bigger than yours as well, I think it’s grown since I got pregnant, had a scan at 10 weeks and it’s about 4.5cm (so about 45mm) now but again they said it’s not a concern xx

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. You’ve managed to give me some hope today xxx

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Ah you’re welcome! Good luck with your transfer xx

I only found out last week that I’ve got 2 polyps and a cyst on my scan during the 7th day on stims. I was worried sick that the clinic would cancel my cycle but they didn’t seem worried. I think it depends on how big the polyps are. Mine are only small 7mm. I think it they are over 2cm that is when they advise against it.

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