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Polyp and IVF

Hi there ladies, not been on here for a while following last BFN. We had our follow up appointment on 2nd Jan and they basically couldn’t pin point what went wrong. Hubby is ‘normal, I’m ‘normal’ although 35 and AMH of about 7.6.

The 2 things they did say for 2nd round were,

1. Remove small polyp as precaution which they spotted last time - will I be sedated?? Is it painful? How long for appointment to come through?

2. Increase menopur to 450 from 375

Is there anything I can do to prepare my body for the next cycle? This is our last go on the NHS and not willing to go private as I can’t take the stress. I’ve resigned myself to if ‘it happens it happens’ if ‘it doesn’t it doesn’t’ and life goes on. Plus I have an adorable niece who I take care of like my own so perhaps I don’t feel it as much? Nor should I feel ‘incomplete’ like society expects me to because life is full of so many other beautiful things. Remember that ladies and don’t lose yourself in this journey, ultimately it’s all about fate/destiny. Wishing u all lots of luck x

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Speak to them about upping your dose of progesterone as well


Will do thanks x


Hiya, during my first cycle they spotted a possible polyp, after having the hysteroscopy it was a thickening of the lining. They had said if they found a polyp they would remove it, they took a biopsy in the end, the hospital I went to did not sedate or give any form of anaesthetic, I was just told to take pain killers before and after. I think it varies at different clinics as others seemed to have been sedated at other clinics.

Good luck with your next cycle, I've just started a frozen cycle x


Thanks Vicky good luck to u too x


My daughter was found to have a small polyp and was advised to have it removed before her next FET It is very small but could grow and prevent implantation.She was told that removing it could help because the result would be similar to having the endometrial scratch.

The procedure would be carried out under sedation. Unfortunately my daughter can’t gt it done under the NHS as there is no clinical need and in any case the waiting list is too long especially now all planned surgeries have been cancelled due to the winter crisis. She is already paying for her treatment and will have to pay privately for this as well

As you are already under the NHS hopefully this will not apply to you and you can have the procedure in the clinic without waiting too long. Good luck.


Thank you and good luck to your daughter as well x


I’ve had two hysteroscopies to remove polyps now. First on nhs and the second privately. No sedation, just paracetamol beforehand and a heat bag. One hurt, one didn’t. Both times, removed small polyp. It’s not a big procedure. Good luck! X


Thank you x


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