Frozen embryo transfer couldn't go ahead

Hi all,

I wondered if anyone has been in the situation where their embryo transfer couldn't happen because of difficulties with the transfer procedure?

I had a FET scheduled for last week. We had three embroyos from our first fresh cycle. The embryo thawed well and it was all looking quite straightforward. I'd been on Progynova and also cyclogest. I was sedated for the transfer (which I think is a little unusual) because I don't tolerate cervical exams etc very well. Unfortunately, the doctor wasn't able to place the embryo back in the uterus. He said it was mainly because I have a very short cervix- it apparently looks as though it's been operated on (but hasn't) and also mentioned something about the angle of my womb. It was all a bit confusing as I was still groggy from the sedation and both my husband and I were a bit upset and shocked. It was particularly surprising because there were no issues with the previous (failed) fresh cycle.

Sorry for long post! If anyone's been through anything similar would love to hear from you.


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  • Hi MessyR, Yes on my second IVF, ET was rescheduled because of pain I had during my ET. I have endometriosis and adenomyosis. I also have tilted utrers because of my endometriosis. We had to come the next day ( the embryologist wasn't happy). ET was done under general anaesthetic. hope your fet goes smoothly.

  • Hi Yalda. Thanks for the reply and sorry you had to go through what sounds like a painful and frustrating experience too. It sounds like something similar might have been going on in both our situations. The odd thing for me is ive had very little investigation done beyond basic hormone tests. I have very irregular periods and some spotting but when they found some issues with my husband's sperm they suggested it was best to go straight to Icsi rather than proceed with lots of investigations.

  • I have entered been through that where they couldn't do it but I am so sorry that happened, I know you go in for transfer assuming you will come out PUPO.....must be so hard.....I do find it odd you was fine on fresh cycle is it same doctor? xx

  • Ah, thanks for the nice response - yes, was very disappointing but onward and upwards. We have an appointment in a week or so to discuss so hopefully all will become clearer

  • I've not heard of this but I'm about to go for my first frozen transfer in mid Dec.when they did the fresh one they couldn't use ultrasound to guide it into place because of the way the uterus was almost felt they were just hoping for the best!! Let us know how you get on.will they give it another go? That's so frustrating:(

  • Thanks- will do! And best of luck for your transfer next month. I generally found the frozen cycle far easier so hope its the same for you and all goes well.

  • Ah you poor love that was sad to wake to, all very confusing for you...hope things sort out and they keep u in the know properly xxxx

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