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6dpt any hope 😔


My FET was last Tuesday . The embryologist was happy with embryo saying that the all cell expands nicely and hope we will not need to use another frozen embryo for long time .

I promise my self this time that I’m not gonna ask or post anything while I’m on 2ww because i just don’t want to think about it ....just “go with the flow “...trying to make it till my OTD which is this Saturday coming.

Last night I had cry moment cuddle my baby girl putting to sleep. I cry and I pray to God to give us another miracle 🙏 I’m so thankful for having my baby she is my love my life my everything. She is everything I ever wanted in my life and the one thing I got wright❤️

I think from day 2pt I had very light period pain on and off. For couple days I had bit diarrhoea . 2day from in a morning I being having mild period pain and bit back pain so I being pretty much laying down on sofa . 30 min ago I went to toilet and sow couple dots of light brown spotting and when I wipe I sow bit light red/ pink .

I don’t know what to think i don’t know why and if is any hope that my still work ? I just wanna cry because I don’t know if I can take it Third time in row😢😢😢

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Hey Olivia, I was wondering how you were... I haven't tested yet as it was terribly stressful last time I had a transfer. ( I tested at 7 days and it was very faint, and I then fainter until no line at day 11)

Period pain can be a good sign ( implantation ) as well as spotting ( again embryo implantation) I've read that frozen embryos tend to implant around day 5, so this could be related... As long as you do not need a full pad this could be implantation bleeding.

I plan on testing Wednesday morning ... The wait is unbearable. I'm also getting mild period pain.

Thank u for replay. My first cycle and 2ww I don’t remember much .

The second cycle I have my baby I felt so different and positive...only in the end of 2ww I lost bit hope because I didn’t felt anything I didn’t had any symptoms.

I only tested early once (my 3rd cycle) first I had two lines and after one.

Gosh that my 5th and I’m so so scared if it doesn’t work 😔🙏 but I said I’m not gonna test early...Honestly I’m scared to test at all.

How u feeling ? Xx

I'm feeling very positive so far knowing that FET works better for endometriosis and I have mild period pain only so far.

Just worried my embryo might not make it as I'm concerned about the quality of my eggs with stage 4 and being in my late 30's

I had really bad period pain last time and not much this time. Both times I had a chemical pregnancy and I really suffered for 5 days so this time it's a bit different.

Wednesday will be 8dp5 so I'll test ( and I'm sure I'll regret it 😂)

Positivity and strength is what we need hun.

Last year feb we done fresh cycle which I had extra 3 frostie and one A+ was put back. Didn’t work. Then few months after August we had transferred 2 embryos grade A one from the cycle I had my baby and one from last one. Didn’t work 😔 so I being left with 2 frostie grade C .

I’m 39 (40 in November) so yep Time is ticking for me ☺️

This time we transferred only one 🙏

My hubby said let’s not test before and try not to think ...just “go with the flow “...but he is the one who is asking me every day how I feel ...bless him☺️

I’m really sorry hun for your chemical pregnancy.

When is your OTD? Xx

Im sorry you are feeling so down Olivia! Its such a stressful time being in the 2ww and red spotting doesnt help! This could be implantation spotting though. Hang on in there. Hugs.xx

Hi hun since after that spotting every time I go to toilet and I wipe ...I’m scared to look when I wipe but is clean .

Not long ago come back home from my mum in low birthday. It took my mind off for bit but Im so happy to be back home and just get in my comfy clothes and lay down on sofa.

Please hun any advice how to survive till the Saturday? 😔xxx

That's good that all has settled down, pleased to hear that! I dont really have any tips as such, keeping busy, walks in the fresh air, box sets, company to keep the mind busy! One day at a time and just keep doing what you're doing!xx

Hi hun . Thank u . Yesterday afternoon this brown spotting settled down. Only when I put applicator to put progesterone I had little bit brown on it .

My hubby asked me how I feel saying try not to think about it...

This is my 5th cycle but mentally is so hard to go through. 2morrow I’m going to see my in lows and they always “keeping me busy “...☺️

How r u ? When u planning your next cycle hun?xxx

My hubby asks me that every single day on the 2ww...."do you feel any different"! So annoying but at least I know he's obviously thinking about it too. Good to hear that you're keeping busy!!

I'm ok, hoping to plan for transfer around end of April/beginning of May so not too long to go.....its a bit of a thought though!!xx

That not long to wait . Is amazing after all u went through u have gift that u truly deserve hun 5 embryos waiting for u 🙏🍀 Xxx

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