Pink and brown spotting while on 2ww

Hi girls I had my ET 5day blastocyst last Saturday. Few days before that and two days after ET I had bit pain like period pain ,my breast was more tender I was feeling so hot and couple time I had headache ..then all this stop .... Zero symptoms till very late last night before bed I start feeling bit that like period pain and little bit this morning too. Few hours ago I went to toilet and I sow some pink and brown spotting (discharge ) . I had a showers and change ...and nothing since only now when I put my progesteron in though little plastic stick I sow little bit brown discharge on it . In my first cycle I didn't have anything like that . Please is something to worry about πŸ˜”Xx

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  • I've heard the progesterone can irritate your cervix and cause discharge like you've described, can you use them via back door instead? A little discharge is really common so try to relax, it may be implantation bleed! When is your test day? Xxx

  • Hi sprinkles86 the pink colour is not there anymore just when I wipe or put inside the progesteron is bit brown . I don't know what to think becouse with my first cycle I didn't have anything like that . My test is on 14th ...that the longest and stressful time ever xxx

  • Hi Olivia1980xxx...i think that is ur implantation bleeding.... r u bleeding much???i didn't notice any type of bleeding expect found the vaginal gel little bit brown one day whn i cleaned my private part..but i was not sure it was due to blood or what...after that when ever i clean it i found it white....i had 2dt n i got period type of pain at 6 and 7th day after boobs were sore but sometimes found much tender n no sore...was getting vaginal discharge that much contained water....i was also afraid when i got period type of pain after 6 and 7 day of transfer and afraid that i would get tested from next day and all negatives till yesterday that gave me much tensions....but in today's blood test it was positive....wish u good luck....try not to stress much...

  • Hi lowewinspain few days before my ET I had this like period pain and two days after ET . My breast is bit bigger then normal and it was sore in beginning but not anymore from last two days is just my nipples bit sensitive . This morning when i went to toilet I sow that pink and brown spotting(discharge) . It wasn't much and my next visit to toilet pink was gone and it's only brown discharge but only when I wipe . Period pain is inly little bit . 2morrow is day 7 . My clinic give me a pregnancy test saying do it in a morning on 14th . Well I bough some extra yesterday first respond and digital I'm scared to even do the test on 14th πŸ˜” U said that u test early and come out negative ...but u done a blood test and is positive . Even that u done preagnancy test is your clinic still do blood test ? xxx

  • i had my period type of pain after egg colection and my egg transfered was 2dt. in the begining aftr egg transfer my boobs were so sore and as u said i found it more tender but nipples were i guess it was implantation symptoms...mine was 2dt so i got period type of pain at day 7 and day 8 after clinic does not allow us to do home test and they want to wait us and do blood test so i didn't tell them that i did home test....but in my case i found every time even 1 day before the OTD , and found that negative....whn i google we have to wait 13-14 days to do home test but regarding blood test, it can be detected around 11-12 days..if u can i suggest u to wait....if not u can do home test everyday n if incase it is negative, beliv that it ws not detected soon in urine....but dont take much stress n see my case if it is negative...wish u baby dust....

  • Morning Hun . My clinic give me a pregnancy test and date when is my test day . But they will not do a blood test . On ET letter they wrote if my pregnancy test will be positive I need to call them and they will call me back to arrange appointment for my first scan . I only have this brown discharge when I put progesteron and when I wipe ...this morning period pain gone . I had 5dt blastocyst then maybe I should wait another two day longer and test end of next week ? This time is driving me nuts

  • Hi Olivia1980xxx, it seems that all ur symptoms are implantation symptoms ... i understand how difficult to kill time in 2ww.....wish u al d best..r u bleeding more?? i hope u r not...

  • Hi lovewinspain no I'm not bleeding and I still got little bit that brown discharge but bit less now . Im trying to stay positive but I feel like I'm given up... I'm scared hun and worried to disappoint my self and my hubby ... Xxx How u feeling Hun ?

  • Hi Olivia1980xxx, don't lose your hope...I know how difficult it is...I extremely wishing to come Wednesday soon and hear your BFP....good luck to you.

  • Thank u Hun I'm so greatfull for your replay xxx

  • I had this please try not to worry good be implantation I panicked abt it even put a post on here look back and ull see please try and relax hope it's a good sign I got bfp xo

  • Thank u sam84 I'm so thankful u giving me hope ... In beginning I was very much positive then all that spotting ...but the real moment was when I stop being positive and being scared when my hubby told me that he is stressing up about it ... Then that was the moment when I start being scared what if I disappoint him again πŸ˜” He is dying for baby Hun

  • We are all the same hun dying for a baby be positive it will work!! I've no sporting now at all and have my bfp just please try and relax no lifting and just put ur feet up I have literally done nothing for the last week or so just short dander with the dog my oh doing all housework if u wanna pm me at any time go ahead it's a hard journey for us all but if it's very light brown spotting could acg be a good sign xo

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