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Positive but constantly feel due on

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Hope everyone is doing ok.

I was lucky enough to get a positive test last weekend after my 5th transfer but since then and especially today I constantly feel due on with mild stomach cramps and that heavy feeling in my legs.

I've had 2x positive tests before, the 1st ending in a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks and the 2nd in a empty sac at the viability scan. I can't help thinking the same is going to happen again. I've not had any other symptoms but I am on the dreaded pessaries, steroids and blood thinner this time.

Has anyone else felt like this, I know I should be happy and excited but just feeling v anxious about history repeating itself! Xx

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Hi Jm82,

First of all, congrats!! I felt exactly the same as this, constantly felt like I was going to come on my period but I haven’t so try not to worry. I’m currently 6 weeks but have had a BFP that didn’t progress before so I completely understand the constant anxiety xx

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Jm82 in reply to KiboXX

Thank you - you too.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one, guess we just have to take 1 day at a time xx


Congratulations on your recent BFP 😊. Annoyingly all this early stage can feel a lot like the start of a period but it is hard not to overthink things.

I recently saw the counsellor at my clinic as I was worried about being pregnant after a MMC at 12 weeks and it was the best thing for my mental wellbeing.

If you have the option at your clinic it’s definitely worth considering. It allowed me to get all my feelings out there to someone who didn’t know me and feel completely validated. The counsellor explained that our brain when worried gets all fight or flight and will try to protect us so analyses all the worst scenarios and also goes over our experiences so with having had such upsetting outcomes before it may keep processing back over them to see if there’s any similarities or any potential red flags in our current situation.

One of the biggest takeaways really was understanding that this is going to be an anxious time no matter what but to work on ways of recognising when anxiety levels are rising and generating a pause so my logical brain can step in 😂. For me I do 3 nice big breaths and that lets my brain know I’m not in danger and I can stop overthinking 🙈.

Sending positive hugs and vibes for a successful rest of pregnancy ♥️ x

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Jm82 in reply to MrsH86

Thank you, I've never really thought about the counselling but maybe it would be a good idea. Your def right I feel like I won't accept that I had a positive test as I'm scared of becoming attached and then everything going wrong again. I can't even bring myself to say it could possibly work this time. Trying to take each day at a time but thanks for your suggestions - I definitely need to remember to breathe.

Thank you xx

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Jm82 in reply to Jm82

Also so sorry to hear about your losses xx

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MrsH86 in reply to Jm82

I totally hadn’t considered using the counselling service before, even though they recommended it after the mmc but after I booked it I was really excited for the help. It came at a good time as the day before my appointment I thought I had spotted 1mm of brown discharge and was starting panic mode 🙈.

I totally understand what you mean with even daring to think it will work - I’m very similar at 7 weeks still. For now I’m focused on some important tasks to get through like viability scan, then if successful I’ll book a booking in appt etc. I don’t think until after 12 weeks I’ll consider it working, but that’s ok because if it did work there’s lots of time to think about everything ♥️ x

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Jm82 in reply to MrsH86

Congratulations to you too, everything crossed for you for your viability scan xx

Having been through pregnancy 4 times now I can say that this is a normal symptom at the beginning of pregnancy try not to worry if you are really concerned ring early pregnancy unit so they can keep an eye on you and are there for any eventualities

Thank you, that's good to hear xx

I had loads of cramping in first trimester (am now entering third!) - for me it was completely normal x

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Jm82 in reply to Bungleboo

Thank you that's reassuring, congrats to you I hope everything continues smoothly for you xx


congrats! I felt like i was due on for a few weeks after my positive test too. I had exact same symptoms, heavy and painful legs, headaches, cramps in my abdomen and rectal pain. Back pain. Exact same symptoms i usually have when i'm due on, i had the same severity in cramping too, so i honestly thought i was out. But everything was fine, it soon passed. Yours will too. Just make sure you're resting plenty x

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Jm82 in reply to Lilac12

Thankyou, that makes me feel better. Congrats to you too hope your keeping well xx

I felt like it in each of my pregnancies. In the early stages, and in my last pregnancy. My baby girl is 6 months now. I think it’s very common xx

Thank you, wow 6 months already, hope you are all well xx

Congratulations on your BFP. I am in the same stage, and feeling anxious without having prior losses.

I am having really bad cramps that I was 100% unaware would happen during early pregnancy, or at least that they could be this painful.

Also first time reading from someone about the heavy legs which I really relate to, about 2-4 times a day I get cramping episodes and my legs feel heavy and numb. This is all new for me at least.

Hope that this one sticks for you and you’ll have a happy and healthy pregnancy 🤍

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