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Positive result but worried about ectopic

Hi All,

I did my home pregnancy test this morning (after recent FET) and was amazed that it was positive - as had been feeling v premenstrual for past week. However, I've also vomited badly this morning, and have had bad abdominal cramps on and off all day - although no bleeding yet. Am now worried that it might be ectopic - or that am just about to get period. The cramps do feel like menstrual/miscarriage cramps, but another part of me hopes it's just a stomach bug.

Sorry to share all this info with you. Very difficult to go from elation to near despair in a few hours. Has anyone experienced these kinds of symptoms?

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I felt the same was sure I was going to have a period but the test was positive and now I have a beautiful baby girl so don't lose hope you won't know for certain unit the first scan x


Thanks Rachel - that's good to know.


Hi noper. Ive got my fingers crossed for you. Have you had the blood test

yet? we got our results yesturday which were unfortunately negative. I had an

ides it hadnt worked last week but tried to stay positive. Try to keep your chin up. X


Hi Pumpkin,

I'm very sorry about your result. It's so sweet of you to write to me at the moment when you're going through a lot.

My NHS clinic doesn't offer a blood test - only gives you a urine preg test to do at home on the assigned date (yesterday), and then, if result is positive, scans you two weeks later, to see if everything is okay. So a waiting game really.


Hi noper. Hope you are feeling better. Do you have a date for your



Yes, 8th April thanks. Just trying to relax and wait.

How are you doing? I know it's v hard to get a neg result. (My last cycle was neg). Are you thinking of trying IVF again at some point? Or perhaps it's too early to be thinking about that...?


Good luck with your scan. Im excited for you noper. We've got a frozen embryo but they dont always defrost very well and its only day 3 so we will see. Ive got to make another appointment with the consultant but keep putting it off. Not sure I can cope with anymore disappointment. Ive had that every month for the past 3 years. X


Hiya nope, stay positive, I know it is difficult. You got a positive, try relax and don't do any lifting or even hoovering, get him to do housework lol. You need as much rest as possible to give you and ur baby best chance. If you are concerned about your cramps etc then am sure they would scan you to make sure everything is ok. A friend of mine has had 3 children all naturally but she had period type cramps on all of them. The sickness is probably a good sign lol. Hope u feel better soon and keep us posted lol. Got all fingers and toes crossed for u hun.


Thanks P,

Definitely no housework today! Thanks for your message. Cramps are going off a bit and no bleeding ye,t so am hoping it might still be okay...


Hiya noper how are you feeling? U hope it is all going well for you.


It will be hun. I know it is difficult bcos of everything you have been through with treatment but you have a positive which is a brilliant outcome and I am so happy for you. It makes it worth while going through thus treatment for such a lovely outcome. I think we all feel the same with having so much pain, heartache and disappointment in past. You deserve this hun, now feet up, plenty of rest. You and your baby are gonna be fine :-)


Hi, I have been earnestly reading your blogs and hoping and praying for you! I do hope you will will rest up and take it easy....it has been a very difficult journey for you I'm sure. Stay positive and CALM because stress is the worst thing. Not long to go now.

My youngest fell naturally and she had all these cramps like period pains, she threatened to miscarry several times but she didn't lose it...My eldest 33 has been trying for over 2 and half years and is desperate for a child and been told she will need ivf assistance...she hasn't decided yet....well actually she has but money is a problem...she can't get it free because her partner has children (all grown up and independent)from a previous marriage. She has recently had her tubes flushed and loads of scar tissue removed, so they are going to give it another 3 months of trying naturally...we shall see! no one gives me a thought...I am the Mum in-between the joy of being a nana for the first time which is great but I have the AGONY of dealing with my oldest who has rejected her sister and her baby...I'm not allowed to talk about either...so I am stuck in the middle...it hurts so much to see her struggle too...I love them both very much but I can't seem to help her...no matter what I say doesn't help...anyhow that is another story.

I have been trying to get the oldest to read some of the blogs on this site because I feel it would help her, like she is not alone etc., I have found it has helped me enormously, I have such empathy for everyone who writes their inner most fears and those like you who courageously fights on to succeed! It's wonderful to hear you all supporting each other.

I am sure things will turn out well for you. Take care and most of all stay positive!


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