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Constantly worried!

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I've always been a worrier, about everything! I've had some spotting tonight at 6 weeks. Not too much going on cramps-wise and it's definitely spotting rather than full flow, but can't help being absolutely terrified that I'm going to miscarry. Been reading as many positive stories as I can find on here, and trying not to excessively knicker-check. Does the worry ever end?!

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No 😔 Even I’m on knicker watch (no spotting here thankfully) but just because it all feels too good to be true and like something is going to steal it away from you. It’s a hard feeling to put aside made worse when something unexpected occurs, ie; spotting. Apparently it is really really common, not normal per se just extremely common. Are you still on pessaries? They can be the cause of spotting too xx

Don’t worry yourself it’s very normal to have spotting . Keep yourself busy and stay positive , wish your the best of luck xxx

Currently sat in A&E with full flow and cramps. Beyond terrified.

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So sorry to read this. I hope it's just a chorionic/subchorionic hematoma, and that you get some answers quickly xx

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Thanks but the pregnancy test was negative, I'm miscarrying. Devastated.

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I'm so sorry, that's just awful. No words I can offer will help right now. Take lots of time to take care of yourself. Sending you lots of hugs and love xxx

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Thank you

Oh kitcat!!

I am devastated for you 🙁

I am so sorry xxx

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