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Nervous but trying to keep positive

Hi everyone,

I've joined a few weeks ago but this is my first post. I'm starting treatment next week for embryo freezing and I'm doing it alone. I've had a tough time this year which began with my boyfriend dumping me a few weeks into Jan. I didn't see it coming so took it really badly. If I'm honest, the biggest reason for my distress is because I have always wanted children and I thought it would happen with him. I'm 37 and was worried about my fertility so I went for a scan and found out that I had a low ovarian count and very low AMH for my age. Again, I took this really badly but quickly decided that I wanted to give myself every chance of having a child because I didn't want to rely on finding the right man.

My period started today and I have a scan with my clinic on Sat with the hope of starting the treatment next week. I've been told that I should view the first cycle as s test and that I shouldn't be to disappointed if it's not successful. Right now I'm feeling nervous, terrified and anxious but trying my best to keep positive. I know that it's going to be an emotional journey but I'm hoping that I can get through it xx

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Hi, I'm sorry you've had a tough year, getting dumped is never nice but especially when you thought it was your future, been there! Just wanted to wish you lots of luck with your egg collection, it's a brave thing to do, can't lie it's not easy, it can be an emotional rollercoaster but you're clearly a determined person that knows what they want so good for you for taking the decision to take control, fingers crossed you get lots of eggs on your first cycle, it's so amazing what science can do now!

There's lots of lovely supportive people on here so you're never alone if you're struggling xx


Thanks for your kind words. I'm keeping everything crossed too! I don't know how I'm going to be able to relax and stay optimistic which I have been told is important but I certainly going to try. Haven't thought about how I manage it with work too...

I've read through a lot of posts and saw how supportive, encouraging and lovely everyone is so I'm really glad I find it. I expect that I'll be posting a lot more myself in future.

Thanks again xx


Have you thought about acupuncture or reflexology? I'm trying acupuncture this time, hopeful it will help but it is also very relaxing, I also use Spotify for ivf hypnotherapy, helps me sleep, sometimes!

It's up to you what you do about work, it can be difficult to keep it secret with all the appointments but it's not impossible, depends how understanding and flexible your work place is and how much you feel comfortable telling them xx


I'm having acupuncture. Not sure how effective it is but it does help me relax.

Thanks for the Spotify tip. I'll look it up.

Yes. I agree. I think it's going to be quite tricky with work. I think I'm going to have to mention something.



Hi Janop79. Well, I just wanted to wish you well with all of this. It's never easy when you had so many hopes with your boyfriend, but we don't just jump into bed with the next one to make babies with! It's a brave decision to "go it alone", but probably the right one. You will get loads of support I'm sure. Just wanted to wish you HUGE luck with it all. Diane

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Thanks Diane! Lovely message. Made me smile


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