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Any hints and tips for second cycle?


Hi ladies.

We are about to start our second cycle of icsi. My hubby has a low sperm count. All is apparently good with my egg reserves. I’m 35 and quite active.

Our first cycle I didn’t respond to the menopur 150ml and only got 1 egg. Unfortunately it didn’t fertilise.

They are increasing the dose this time to 225ml. Does anyone have any tips on what to avoid or what to do to help us be more successful this time?

I’m taking pregnacare vitamins and the coq10.

Any advice would be well received.

Thanks ladies. Xxx

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Hope you get good results this time round. I'm just starting second round with increased dosage of menopur (coupled with gonal f) in the hope we'll get a better response. It was hard to go through a failed round but I'm glad the clinics make adjustments for patients based on what they've learnt. You might feel a few more twinges on an increased dose. Take it easy and all the best x

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You too sweetie. Let me know how you get on with this round. Xx

Hi there, it sounds good that they have upped your menopur dose I was on 450 daily which was the max in both of my ICSI rounds, 2nd round was a lot better for me, although still not successful.

We have male factor infertility, 1st cycle we only had 1 egg fertilise out of 10.

2nd time around we had much better fertilisation, 5 out of 10.

The second cycle I cut out sugar from my diet, and followed a Mediterranean diet. I took co q10 in Ubiquinol form, and I also had acupuncture.

I am not sure what helped towards a better fertilisation, or whether it was luck. I would like to think it was a combination.

We are preparing for round 3 in a few months, and I will be doing the same things as before apart from acupuncture as it was very expensive!

My husband is also taking a lot more supplements.

I am not sure if you have read it starts with the egg book, but we have made some positive changes from advice in there.

We have also gone BPA free as much as possible, and of course no alcohol or caffeine. What a fun life we do lead! Haha! Good luck lovely xx

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Thank you sweetie. I’m so sorry your 2nd attempt wasn’t successful. I hope it’s 3rd time lucky for you guys.

Excuse my ignorance. What is bpa? 😂😂.


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Thank you very much ☺

BPA is a synthetic compound found in many plastics, as well as in the lining of canned food containers. It can be harmful for fertility so weve just got rid of all plastics really and use toxic free cleaning stuff too 👍

Wishing you all the very best for your cycle xx

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Thank you. Keep in touch with your progress lovely. Xx

Hey!! I was in a similar situation to you. I'd say eat clean, take pregnacare. I also had acupuncture to help with my anxiety more than anything.

I also drank beetroot juice because I read it helped with the lining of your womb 😄

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