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IVF cycle 1 officially commenced. Any tips for growing super follicles 😂?


So round 1 (and hopefully only) has commenced. It was all a bit earlier than planned as AF wasn’t due until Boxing Day but came on Christmas Eve instead. So I went for an initial scan and they said my AMH levels are a little low for my age (32) and I currently have 10 follicular to work with.... is that good or bad? I have no idea what is average?

I started Gonal F 300 on Boxing Day so I am on day 2 of that. I have had some swelling on the back of my knee which is making sitting, standing and walking uncomfortable 😬. Instant panic that I was getting DVT but I rang the nurse who said as long as it doesn’t get worse to keep taking the meds. She thinks it’s an unrelated injury....although I don’t remember doing anything to it to cause this much discomfort. Anyway I don’t want any further delays so continuing and focusing on growing super follicles!

I start cetrotide on 30th....the one apparently that would ‘be really bad if that goes in your blood cessel’ (reassuring!) and then my second scan on 31st. If all goes well I’ll have EC on the 4th. So any help pimping them up are much appreciated. I know nobody can guarantee what works but anyone have a ‘gut feeling’ of what has given them success? All home remedies and house wives tales welcome 😊.

TIA Ladies xx

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Just wanted to say good luck! I'll be starting a Gonal-F / cetrotide cycle (first go for us) in the next few days. All a bit scary right now so I hope you are feeling OK about it all. Wishing you all the best! X

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Wishing you all the best to. The injections are not as bad as you think so try not to worry. Apart from the possible issue with my knee, I haven’t had any other symptoms on Gonal F, so I hope you get on fine with it to. I Feel like the last two days have been really long! Probably because I’m off work over Christmas and because I’m counting down to EC date. Anyway good luck and let me know how you get on x

Don't really know about pimping follicles(!) and tbh I don't think it's something we can have much/any control over. But in general look after yourself as well as you can during the stimulation, plenty of water and healthy foods to keep everything running smoothly. Sleep well if you can and try and avoid stress if possible as you may well be more emotional than usual.

Hope your knee turns out to be unrelated and clears up soon. My OH did my injections and I was convinced he was going to give me an embolism!!!!

Best of luck to both of you

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An embolism was one mind 😂 I was trying not to google the symptoms too much as it always leads you to worse case scenario. I’ve slept with it up on a few pillows to keep it elevated which was a lot more comfortable. I have been trying to eat healthy but I’ll try and up my water intake as I probably don’t always get my recommended amount. Thanks for the advice.🙂 x

Good luck LKT1

I agree with the girls , nothing really you can do except following the instructions.x

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Ok thanks....as I feared, I just need to keep my fingers crossed 😬🤞🏻X

Just wanted to wish you Good luck Xx

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Thank you 😊x

Best of luck! No real advice about your follicles, only that if yours are anything like mine, the Gonal F will be sure to do its job! Expect to feel bloated and uncomfortable by day 5 or so - hot water bottles to the front and back help with the soreness. Keep drinking lots of fluids - that is important. xx

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Right bloatedness day 5...something to look forward to! Thank you x

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