Second ICSI Cycle Booked

This week my cycle started which meant we could book our second attempt. Nothing was being changed in our process so decided to go for the Endoscratch. In the grand scheme of things Β£200 is definitely worth it I reckon. And the NHS team can do it privately so I was glad of that as they know my treatment.

Don't want any what ifs if it doesn't work.

Starting to find the whole think so emotionally draining. You can't help but let it get to you. Need to stay positive though.


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  • Hi moira. Glad you've got your 2nd cycle booked that's really exciting! ! Just have to think positive and hopefully this is your time. It is such a lot to go through. I can see why people need a good break in between cycles.I've got my follow up appointment at Glasgow in November but I know they won't offer us a 2nd one xx

  • Yeah absolutely. If we are not successful this time I won't be rushing into anymore cycles. Hopefully they will be able to help you with your options when you go. Don't give up hope yet. πŸ’ž

  • Thanks. I've already been told they won't offer us 2nd cycle if we got less than 3 eggs. I got 1!! We are planning to do donor eggs privately but I want to still go to app and see what they say. I've also got a councillor app the end of may. Good luck do you know roughly when you will start? Maybe you need a wee weekend away to give you a rest before starting. Xxx

  • Oh really I thought they would consider another cycle with donor eggs. But I don't no much after the ICSI treatment. If it doesn't work for us this time think I will take time and figure out all our options next. That's a really long wait until you see a counsellor. Is there a reason for that or is that just the next appointment? πŸ’ž

  • Oh sorry councillor app end of September lol not sure why I typed may. I could have had one within a few weeks but my husband was working. The nhs would have given us another cycle with donor eggs but we had to find our own donor. That isn't something I was comfortable with. Want a donor that is matched as closely to me as possible xx

  • Good luck I am starting my 3rd cycle soon, we may even be cycle buddies X

  • Good luck to you too. Yeah cycle buddies are great. Although family is good it's just not the same as you all. πŸ’ž

  • Let me know how you go moira and good luck with the scratch! ! It's a really difficult time will be thinking of you xx

  • Thanks Katya38. I didn't realise that was something you had to do yourself. nothing is straightforward eh.

    Well good luck to you also. I'll be keen to here how things go for you also. πŸ’ž

  • I had no idea either that they wouldn't offer donor eggs. I just presumed there was a bank of donors. There was 1 clinic in glasgow I found but they were charging 10k for 1 cycle we don't have that kind of money. Scary stuff!!xx

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