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First consultation at fertility clinic


Hi everyone.

Not posted anything for a while as my initial consultation at the fertility clinic was cancelled 3 times and I was a bit defeatist as a result. Anyway, we attended the appointment today and will be due to start IVF in the next 3 months! :) Just waiting on the results of some bloods (particularly AMH- although follicle count today shows above average for my age so should be ok) and a recent smear test and we are good to go!

I have a blocked tube (which unfortunately is also my dominant one) which appears to be the reason we can’t get pregnant. I still have a niggling feeling that there is something else wrong as there is not reason the tube should be blocked (no history of STD or fibroids) and am concerned that whatever it is could prevent pregnancy even with IVF. I’ll bring this up in the next consultation, but if anyone has any ideas for now I’d be grateful to hear them.

As happy as i am with today’s result, I am feeling overwhelmed by the speed of the process from now and the enormity of what’s to come. However, after trying to conceive for over 2 years with no pregnancy I hope things are looking up for us.

Fingers crossed x

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That's great that the ball is rolling and you'll soon begin treatment. Cancelled appointments are annoying!

It is a draining, exciting and emotional time but you'll be fine.

Wishing you lots of luck. Xxx

Apples2665 in reply to genten

Thanks for the encouragement, genten. Xx

That’s great news that it’s all starting to move! All the very best!! Xxx

Apples2665 in reply to Sweets1

Thank you xx


Hi Apples2665. Good to hear that all is progressing. The blocked tube could be a concern, depending upon where it is blocked. If it is at the open end, then any excess normal lubrication could leak into the womb and prevent a developing embryo from implanting, so you need to discuss it further with your specialist in case it needs clipping before your IVF. Wanted to wish you lots of luck once you get going. Diane

Thank you. I definitely will enquire. The consultant didn’t seem phased by it yesterday but I’ll check to my mind at ease if nothing else. I wouldn’t want t waste the opportunity we have. Thanks again xx


Hiya! I have a blocked tube and one damaged from an ectopic and had a frozen embryo transfer last week and just had my positive in last few days so don't worry yourself too much, I was the same scared that there was something else wrong with me and used to think I'm sure it's not just my tube, in the end it looks like it's just that. Good luck!! xxxxcxx

Apples2665 in reply to Hidden

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your experience. :) wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

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