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Embryo transfer number... Did you have a choice?

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My clinic only allowed me to transfer one good embryo in my first cycle 4ab and I accepted this as it was my first time. I was heartbroken when it failed.

This time, they still won't let me transfer 2 even though I'm nearly 39. I have pleaded with them to no avail. They even have something on their website saying that clients can sign a waiver but they denied this when I challenged them. They said they'd only transfer 2 if my embryos were poor quality. Thing is I won't know til Monday if any have survived or what they've been graded at. Today is day 2 and they've said that they can't give me an update as little would've happened since they fertilised yesterday. I'm so upset and frustrated. Feel like time is running out for me. I'm self funding but I feel I have no control in any of this.

Did any of you guys have a choice how many you transferred?

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My clinic said that as long as the blastocysts were the same / similar grades then it was up to us. They would recommend to use just one based on my age and it being our first cycle etc but ultimately we could choose one or two...

On my first cycle (age 36) the consultant only allowed me to transfer 1 if day 5 embryos and 2 if day 3 embryos (I had 2 day 3s transferred and it failed). On my 2nd cycle (FET) the consultant advised me to transfer 2 (I had a day 5 and a day 6 transferred). I was 37. I actually thought they would only transfer 1 but went with their advice (they gave me a choice through, 1 or 2), I got a BFP with twins! I'm sorry you're having to go through all of this, it's so stressful as it is. I hope that your little embies grow amazingly to day 5 and that you work things out with your clinic 🤞🤞

Do you have any other conditions that might make them say you can only have one?

In my first cycle they recommended one but said I could choose, and I was 36, so I had one and had a CP. I was then diagnosed with adenomyosis so in my second cycle, they said I was only allowed one because of higher miscarriage risk with adeno. I got a BFP but miscarried. Just had my third transfer today, I'm now 37, and they did say I could choose. I queried why the advice had changed given I obviously still have adenomyosis and they said they still advised 1 but would do 2 if I really wanted it.

I have read quite a bit on this and it basically comes down to the risk of having twins which increases risk of miscarriage/stillbirth/other complications. And they are balancing this risk with the lower success rates of implantation as you get older. So at 39 I am surprised they didn't let you choose 2.

I had 5 day blastocysts so am happy with choosing just one so far but if this doesn't work I could be tempted to try 2 next time.

I'm only allowed to have one pgs normal embryo transferred at a time.

It's so frustrating. I know someone ten years younger than me allowed two at my clinic, similar quality to my previous transfer. I feel like I have zero control. There's literally nothing wrong with me. I have high amh, no underlying cause and produced good embies last time

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I had 1 x grade A first time which split and I lost twins @ 9w then a grade B which was a BFN then 2 x grade C the third time. I was told because I am self funding I can have 2 but I always followed the advice of embryology. I guess the issue is you don’t know how good the embryos are yet or how many you have so this should be considered before telling you that you can only have 1. In my third cycle I had 2 and had a large bleed at 5w which they think was loss of the second embryo. It was a rollercoaster of a cycle and which didn’t end well and I now have far more to consider on deciding upon 1 or 2 to transfer. I would say go with the advice of your clinic but I would want to hear their rationale and agree with it and it sounds like you are not getting that because they don’t know all the factors yet. I would be frustrated too! X

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Personally I think it's a because hfea have given all clinics a target to reduce multiple birth rate. My argument is if one good embryo failed how does transfering 2 increase my chances of twins if I couldn't get even one to stick in the first place. I told her time is against me aged nearly 39 "but she wouldn't hear of it.

I was told the only way I could have two is if they were graded poorly on Monday. Last time I got 4ab, a hatching 4-5ba and 1X4BB to freeze. I may ring clinic tomorrow just to see if they'll give me an update

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I think I got an update on day 3 then they said day 4 they are hard to assess because of the growth pattern then day 5 they get final grading. Just remember that because it didn’t stick last time doesn’t mean they all won’t. Not all embryos are viable regardless of grade...you have every chance of this being successful even if they only transfer one. I really hope you get your BFP this time x

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Thank you so much x

You should be allowed to choose two. They very reluctantly let us choose two and we had to sign a waiver. As long as you have all the facts and made fully aware of the risks and understand them then it’s up to you. It’s tough work being pregnant with twins but I’m 36weeks, still working and not had any complications. Wouldn’t change it for the world. Good luck in your decision. X

I can understand how frustrated you must feel. From all the research I’ve done this sounds like the clinic are trying to safeguard your own health and maximise the chance of having a baby. If you look at the numbers the chance of conceiving/live birth with two embryos and one embryo is just marginally different (slightly more successful with twins) but in the context of the risks of a twin pregnancy to both you and the babies a single embryo transfer ends up with the safest outcomes. I work treating premature babies and I can’t overstate the risks with a multiple pregnancy. A significant proportion of our patients are twins or triplets.

You said in your post that the clinic would transfer two if the embryos are poor quality but that you make good embryos. I think the clinic are trying to minimise the risk to you and the embryos as well as follow the HFEA (they set the standards for IVF)rules.

I completely get how out of control of this most intimate of processes you must feel, I have the same struggles. I hope you get good news from the embryologist. From my research they don’t tend to check the embryos on day 2 or day 4 as the markers they look for to grade the embryos won’t have developed yet.

Good luck!! Keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏼🤞🏼


Thanks Jessie, I must check that out myself, as I never even checked how many you can transfer either.

This will be my first embryo transfer how long do u have to wait after failed Ivf, to do the transfer. And do they put you on any hormones medications

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I did a brand new fresh cycle after my last fet failed even though I've still got 2 embies in the freezer from cycle 1. I had to wait for withdrawal bleed and then first natural period before I could go again (roughly 2 months)

I had only 2 that made it to 5 day blastocyst, on our first go I also requested that they transfer both however the clinic refused and our first attempt failed. In hindsight I’m so glad they did refuse as our last blasto made it following our second attempt and I’m 32w pregnant, we also self funded and I’m 40 😊, I know it can be frustrating but the clinics know what they are doing, good luck x

I got a massive lecture about transferring 2 embryos from my NHS clinic. I knew the risks of multiples and asked "is this your decision or mine". The embryologist said it was ultimately my decision so I opted for 2. Usually if you're older they let you do 2 but your clinic may not allow this. I would still try to put my foot down especially if they're not sure youd have any to transfer. Oh and they dont normally check on day 2 but usually check on day 3 so you may get an update tomorrow. Hugs.xx

You tell them what you want to do! I always had two put back and three abroad. Good luck x

Apparently the decision is down to the clinical team and the embryologist. Im getting really fed up with my clinic. Ive asked them for an update today on my embryos and nobody has called me or emailed me either

I’m about to start my 2nd cycle in Prague and hoping we will able to transfer 2. Like you I’m worried about my age. I’m 39, so I completely understand your frustrations and how you feel.

Really hope it works out for you xxx

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I'm very worried about failure again. Good embryo failed. It hurts when there's nothing wrong with me. I've done everything to increase my chances. Endo scratch, glue, changed diet, tons of supplements. I really want to try two as I think I'd chill out morex

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Where are you going for treatment? Is it in this country? Xx

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Yes, the UK x

First cycle the clinic said no as I had a myomectomy the previous year. That first cycle failed, this cycle they were agreeable without hesitation. I understand they’re coming from a good place as safety is always a priority but if it poses no additional risks other than the given risk of having multiples etc, I don’t see the big push for 1.

I would discuss it with them again and get more perspective on their rationale.

My clinic initially said 2 prior to collection, I'm 39 with low reserves so weren't expecting miracles but proved everyone wrong and got a 4aa so they said on the day of transfer that only 1 would go back in. I was also told initially that I would be having a 3 day transfer but they all done so well they let them go to day 5 and we managed to freeze 3 blastocysts. I just trusted what the clinic were telling me, which I know isn't easy when you're in a situation you have no control over anyway!

Good luck 🍀

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