Embryo transfer tomorrow

I am due to go back tomorrow for embryo transfer and feel sick with worry that something is going to go wrong.

I can't stop googling embryo arrest and it's really making me scared. The nurse called yesterday day 3 to book me in for transfer. I asked how they were doing and she said you still have all of them and they are doing as they should,

I just can't shift this negative feeling 😔😢 x

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  • Don't stress yourself out unnecessarily, easier said than done I know. The fact they are taking 4 to day 5 is amazing. Just imagine having a a fresh and some to freeze. Light some candles, have something non alcoholic in a fancy glass and relax. I say this counting down the hours until I can ring for my progress report in the morning and I'm trying to keep myself busy too. X

  • Thank you I am really trying not too. We actually have 6 going to day 5 and I know that is amazing but can't stop the negative thoughts today. I have everything crossed for your call tomorrow xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow takeing 4 to a 5 day transfer is fantastic we only ever managed a 3 day and none frozen.Xx

  • Thank you we only had 1 fertilise on first cycle and we had to have a day two transfer as it didn't look good. I know we are very lucky to be where we are just having a bad day 😔. What stage are you currently at? X

  • Just starting my 4th round having my 1scratch on Tuesday.

    Wow that's a great improvement then, ivf is horrible and we all have bad days we wouldn't be normal if we didn't.

    I hope you get your BFP xx

  • Thank you and hope everything goes well for you on Tuesday xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Had EC on Friday, 9 fertilised so find out tomorrow if we are having transfer tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm concerned about my lining as it was thick at 15.3 on Friday so they actually scanned me after EC to make sure it was the same as the wed before. So think regardless I think I'm going to ask tomorrow for a scan first. I'm not sure if they check the lining before the embryo is transferred back or not as part of it. X

  • Wow 9 is amazing I have everything crossed tomorrow brings more good news for you. I don't remember them checking it on my first cycle on transfer Xx

  • Thanks. No neither can I so I think I'll just ask. They said to mention anything and although no spotting or anything I had mild cramps earlier and thought oh god of this is the start of AF then it would put a stop to fresh transfer. X

  • I know every clinic is different but I had a scan before ET as I had free fluid and they needed to check it had absorbed enough for transfer. I think if you ask they'd definitely do it as they don't want to waste a chance of a successful transfer either. Good luck xx

  • Thanks x

  • Wishing you lots of luck, I know it's easier than done but try not to worry as others have said taking them to day 5 is brilliant. Hope you have a relaxing evening xx

  • Thank you just walking our dog which seems to be helping xx

  • I know it's so difficult but try not to stress yourself out too much. To say that your embryos are all doing really well is great news!

    I will be thinking of you and sending lots of good luck your way xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • In the same boat with ET tomorrow although I have 4 to choose from. I haven’t been told anything about thickness of lining or the grades on them, just that they were doing great. I feel like I’m not being told everything hence me on here asking questions all the time. We all at some point are gonna go crazy with worry, it’s part of it unfortunately and our minds like to play tricks with us (I suffer from anxiety also 😡) it’s my first time and I’m really hoping it’ll work and I have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for all who are going through this journey 🙏🏻🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻xx

  • Hi crazymrsrees79 I feel the same as haven't been told all details. I also suffer from anxiety too which makes it all that more intense. I wish you lots of luck tomorrow will be thinking of you what time are you booked for? Xx

  • I’m booked in for 12pm, im not worried about it as such, it’s the waiting 2 weeks that’ll be torture. What time r u booked in for? x

  • I'm not worried about the procedure at all I have had it before I'm just more worried that my embryos haven't made it. I'm booked in for 1pm not going to lie the tww is torture xx

  • Have faith and hope luv. I’m giving you all the luck in the world. Good luck xx

  • Good luck lovely x

  • Good luck tomorrow all the best x

  • Good luck for tomorrow x

  • Just try relax as much as you can, it really is straight forward, and that comes from someone who can't get out a loo when am nervous lol, all the best of luck,such a magical day transfer day x another step forward 🤞👣💙💗💋💋

  • Thank you xx

  • Good luck for tomorrow - try to do a bit of meditation to reset your anxiety - mindful ivf app is good xxx

  • I will give that app a try thank you xx

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