Dummy embryo transfer

Hi all,

I've recieved a letter from the hospital and my ivf treatment is now likely to start in October 2016. They've asked me to call in September when I start my menstrual cycle and they will arrange for me to go in for a dummy embryo transfer. Has anyone had this done before? I tried to read a little online, I didn't find much. Just that only some hospitals offer this?


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  • I didn't have one of those Amanda but it's great news that you're set to start in October! I think a dummy transfer will help reassure you for when the real one comes around :) x

  • Thanks for your reply mommabear. Yeah I suppose it's good they're doing it, the letter gives no details at all so just really wondered exactly what it would involve. I'm such a worrier lol. Hope your keeping well xx

  • Hi Amanda,

    I had this done a few years ago privately. It's nothing to worry about, it's just a trial run to make sure they won't have any issues transferring the embryo.

    I didn't feel much, very similar to a smear test but without scrapping your cervix.

    Hope that helped

    Good luck


  • Thank you jhza700,

    That's really helped. I don't feel as anxious now knowing what to expect. It doesn't sound as if it'll be too bad.

    Thanks again 😊 x

  • Hi Amanda86. A dummy run is often done if there are any issues with tilted wombs, to check ease of access. However, i am hearing of more clinics doing this as the "norm", which I think is a good idea, so that on the day all will go to plan. A bit like going for a pre-op assessment before surgery. Good luck with it all. Diane

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