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Run out of progynova!!!!!


I'm hoping someone who has been through DE IVF can help. I've literally today got a positive result (yay) and then gone to take my bedtime progynova and realised I've run out! My clinic is in Spain and I'm pretty sure my GP won't prescribe it. How long after a positive result do you take progynova for? Desperately hoping they only prescribed what I needed and this isn't a massive problem. I've also noticed that on the Spanish original prescription it said 200mg progesterone and what I've ended up with (via the UK consultant who wrote the UK prescription so I could fill it) is 400mg ones so I seem to have been taking double the dose. Anyone who knows anything, please help!

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It’s really important you get your progynova 400 mg of progesterone seems normal. I was on 400 morning and night. Hope you can get some ASAP.

Ps congratulations on the your BFP XXX

Dont worry about taking the double dose, my foc said its fine to be in a high dose for a short period. Get an emergency appointment with your doctor to get it, the progynova acts as a food for your embryo and keeps the lining nice and thick especially as u havent had a trigger shot. I get mine from Fertility 2 u , maybe u could try get it directly from them or get it prescribed from a private consultant in the UK??

Hope u get sorted xx

Thank you. I’m gonna have to bin off work this morning and try to get it sorted. I have such a hard time getting anything fertility related from my GP as they really struggle with my unusual situation (POF and DE IVF abroad). Honestly you’d think I was the only person who’d ever done this the way they behave! Can’t believe it’s positive. I think I’m still a bit in shock. After everything it doesn’t quite feel real and I literally don’t know what to do with myself now (other than up my drugs stash!)

I went through stork to get my medication after having treatment in Spain. Get your Dr to email a prescription to them and give them a call to arrange urgent delivery. They can deliver quickly. Good luck xx


My clinic is in Spain, they said that the prescription was in the post (It hadn't arrived) then it came to Friday and I realised that I only had enough meds to Sunday.

My clinic contacted Pharmacierge (a British pharmacy who guarentee delivery within 4 hrs) who couriered my meds to me. It cost me a bit more £5 for 4 hr delivery. If I was prepared to wait until Sat delivery was free. I just wanted to be sorted. PS my male GP had not been particularly supportive with meds or tests. I've had to pay privately for almost everything.

Wishing you well on your journey Xx

A friend has sorted me out with a few days worth while I get my prescription. Luckily my U.K. consultant is a mega early bird and is going to write a prescription for me for more cyclogest and progynova. How long are you meant to stay on this stuff? Nothing from the Spanish Clinic so far...

Hi, I was on it until the end of the 11th week, so stopped at the beginning of week 12. This was advice from UK consultant, as he was not happy with me stopping at 8 weeks like my overseas clinic said. I didn’t have any problems getting my meds through private prescription via my consultant. I was also on 800mg progesterone that whole time too. Congratulations on your positive 👍

I was told to take it for another 3 weeks (had I had a positive test result). Good luck and try not to panic. Congratulations!

Glad to see you got sorted and massive congrats on the positive!! 🎉🎉 xx

Think u r meant to stay on the tablets till week 12. Did ur private clinic suggest progesterone pessaries too, I just got my Bfp too yesterday and I have to stay on both pessaries and progynova till week 12 x

Congratulations on positive,

Progynova and cyclogest, until 12 weeks, advice from my consultant dont stop suddently wean off so that body copes with it.

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