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Progynova - Medicated FET. Any info appreciated


Hi guys, I'm having a medicated cycle and I started taking Progynova and Buserelin injections on Friday. I've taken the Buserelin injections before with no problems when I have my fresh transfer but never took the Progynova. Does anyone know what the Progynova is actually used for during an FET? I'm getting awful side effects, fluid retention around my eyes and making my sinuses bad 😪 I'm on 6mg a day and the hospital told me to continue to take. When I checked online it just says it's a HRT? But what does it do for IVF?

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Hey dear

I am also preparing my uterus for fet .

On progynova 2 mg once a day and estrogel once a day with baby aspirin and vitamins.

So progynova is estrogen tablet ,it allows your uterine lining to thicken up....

Once it is thicken up your GP will start you with progesterone shot and hcq shot...all the best...

If you don't mind can I ask you why progynova 6 mg is precribed for much your uterine lining thin?

Littlepeax in reply to Sayusayme

Thanks for your reply ♥️💫 I'm not sure why, if anything my lining is too thick and I was told to take baby aspirin too. I have to take 2mg 3 times a day so works out to be 6mg. I did double check with them to make sure this is correct and they confirmed. What's estrogel? Are you not taking buserelin injections? It seems every clinic does it completely different 🤔 but then I guess they do it per individual xxx

Sayusayme in reply to Littlepeax

Estrogel is estrogen in gel form it's applied on thigh once a day for now but the frequency will increase later on .

So instead of tablet I use gel form as it is easy to apply and absorbs faster than tablets and with gel form it by pass the liver and less complication compare to tablets...moreover it's your clinics way of dealing it but I requested my doctor to give estrogen gel only to reduce side effects ...etc

Littlepeax in reply to Sayusayme

Ok thanks so much, all the best with your FET ♥️

If you are on buserelin this is to put your body into a fake menopause and stops your own hormones from working. The progynova is to thicken your lining for embryo transfer as it can no longer do this on its own. Hope that makes sense.xx

Yes that's brill thank you xxx

NZlady in reply to Cinderella5

Hi there, I too have been taking Bueserilin since CD21 and just got my period today. If the progynova is to thicken the lining, when do you start it? I would think there would need to be a good bleed before starting the estrogen and yet my clinic says to start today, (CD1)? My lining was 11 last cycle but cancelled due to premature ovulation, (I was just taking estrogen) and so I started bueserilin CD21 but this is my first bleed since last taking progy. My clinic doesn't do a ‘down regulation scan’ to ensure the endometrium is thin and no abnormalities are detected so I’m a bit concerned about starting the estradiol valerate without allowing a bit of a bleed. Thanks!

Hi Hun

I used it for my fet , it was used to thicken the lining of my uterus and i took it until i was 12 weeks along with cyclogest pessaries xx

Littlepeax in reply to Littlemex

Thanks hun! I hope you're doing well and enjoying your pregnancy ♥️💫

Littlemex in reply to Littlepeax

Thanks 😊❤ xx

It's a bugger!! I was on 10 tablets a day - 20mg. Absolutely horrendous! But it is important for thickening your lining and keeping blood flow to the uterus nice and steady. Best of luck lovely x

Littlepeax in reply to Kitcat12

Lol it really is, I've only been on it a few days! 😅 wow 20mg must have had strong side effects. Thanks so much for info ♥️

Kitcat12 in reply to Littlepeax

I found I had worse side effects from progesterone than I did from progynova, but I did get some headaches!

Hello, as the other ladies have said it’s to help prepare and thicken your lining ready for a transfer. I’ve just started mine, I’m on 12mg a day!! I was told it will also stop me from ovulating so they can control when my transfer will happen xx

Ahh ok thank you. Have you had any side effects yet? When did you start exactly? Xxx

I only started taking them yesterday so haven’t really had any side effects yet. Last time I took them I felt really tired and got headaches and this time I’m on double the dose so I’m definitely expecting to fall asleep at my desk at some point 😴😂 xx

Haha 🤣🙈 yes I've been getting headaches too and feel very sleepy. Oh the joys! Xx

I’m on these as well, same as you 6mg (2mg tablets three times a day).

I’m on day 7 and currently no major side effects, a bit bloated and tired but overall not too bad. Sorry you’re suffering so much!

No buserlin for me thank god as that makes me difficult to be around 🤬🙈😂

Littlepeax in reply to KiboXX

Haha yeah I have had a few mood swings, especially yesterday! Are you on something else other than buserelin then? When do you have to start your progesterone? Xx

KiboXX in reply to Littlepeax

They are the worse! Like PMT on steroids 😂. No I’m not having to do buserlin for this just straight onto the tablets.

It’s my first frozen transfer. I’ve got a scan on Friday to check my lining and if all is good I think I start progesterone then. Transfer currently pencilled for the 15th. How about you?

Littlepeax in reply to KiboXX

Oh does that mean they do it during your ovulation date then? I have a scan this Thursday to check my lining but not sure of transfer date yet. Think they will tell me to start taking progesterone then but not sure xxx

KiboXX in reply to Littlepeax

Honestly I’m not sure! I think some clinics prefer to down regulate for a medicated FET and some don’t. Not sure the logic behind it but I’ll happily take an injection free cycle for a change 😂

Littlepeax in reply to KiboXX

Hahaha defo x

Hey KiboXX & Littlepeax they dont transfer at ovulation. Progynova on its own usually stops ovulation so its just a case of once your lining is thick enough of good quality (trilaminar is best) then they can start progesterone for transfer. The down regulation is so that the clinic is in complete control of your body so they can plan for days that suit them for transfer usually!xx

KiboXX in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks Cinderella! Makes sense x

Ah thanks so much Cinderella5, very helpful ♥️🤗

Hey! I just wanted to say the best of luck. I found the frozen transfer so much less stressful! I hope that your symptoms clear up and that this works out for you. Xxx

Littlepeax in reply to HollyT7

Very kind of you ♥️💫 thank you. I want this more than anything! Praying it works this time. Congratulations on your pregnancy, I've just seen your page xx

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