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2nd Round of IVF icsi


Hello ladies,

I have had my 2nd round of ivf. Had egg collection yesterday 5 eggs collected had a call from clinic today and was told 3 out of the 5 have fertilised. Will have more of an update on Thursday, as to the progress of the embies. I am 45 years old. On my last session i have 3 eggs collected and only 1 fertilised. Since my last attempt in Feb/March. I have been taking DHEA 75mg daily and co enzyme 10. 600mg daily. 5mg folic acid vitamin B high dose . And vitamin d. Let's hope for a positive result. Shall update in a few days.

Please keep me in your thoughts

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Thinking of you over the next few days and will keep everything crossed xx

Sending lots of love and baby dust to you. Please keep us posted. I had 10 collected at Xmas but none made it to blastocyst so one my second try now. Thinking of you cx

Thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck xo

Hi this is fab results at 45, am 43 and had 5 eggs collected today. How are you getting on are your embryos growing nicely ? 🤞🏼

Sounds fantastic! Masses of luck! I am 42 so just behind you! X

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