Advice needed about eggs ?

The embryologist phoned this morning with an update on my 10 eggs that I had collected yesterday. 

9 were mature 

5 fertilised normally

They will ring on Thursday to let me know if we have a day 3 or a day 5 transfer. 

I thought more would of fertilised. Has anybody been in the same situation as me ? What was your final number eggs and what day transfer did u have ? I'm driving myself crazy already at the thought I won't have no update on how my embryos are doing u till Thursday morning ! 

All this icsi process is waiting and more waiting games 😤 x 

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  • Sorry I'm not at that stage yet but I understand the pain of the waiting game! It sounds like a good number to me from some of the stories I've read. One woman on here recently got one egg and had a 3dt which is amazing! I hope someone can help answer your question but stay positive and lots of luck! x o x o 

  • These are pretty good numbers. To give you an idea, I had 4 collected, 3 were mature and fertilised. They took them to day 3 but couldn't see a difference between them at that stage so they took them to day 5 to see if one would lead. By day 5 only 2 were looking good and the 3rd wasn't developing normally. We had both transferred and I'm 27+4 weeks with twins. So try not to get upset if you lose more at day 3 because only the best will make it to day 5 and you'll have a decent chance of it working. You only need one to make it work. x

  • The waiting is hard! 

    Hopefully your embryos will continue to grow well. Our clinic advised that even with a good number of eggs there's no guarantee. I hoped we'd get some to freeze from rounds 1 & 3, we only ever got 2 embryos regardless of the number collected. It's so frustrating.

    Good luck.

  • We had 5 fertilised eggs last time and ended up with 4 blastocysts. Our consultant said they aim to get 5-10 eggs at collection so yours sounds about average.  We found the wait between collection and transfer harder than the 2ww! Good luck x

  • Thank you everybody , I suppose what will be will be but it is torture waiting and wondering how they are doing.! 

    Tlove that is amazing , growing up the idea of twins was my worst nightmare (twins in my family.and they say it lands know my generation ) but now it would perfect ! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes quickly for you. 

    I'm hoping to get a 5 day transfer because I would love to have at least 1 to freeze as this is our last go on NHS and they say a FET has higher success rates. 

    I just got to concentrate on getting myself recovered from the transfer now as I'm a bit sore. Need to be better if we make it to transfer. Thanks for your advice ladies really appreciate it 😙 x

  • Hi daydreamer89.  Just one more day to wait until decision time. Just hoping all goes well for you and you can soon get your little embie(s) on board.  Diane

  • That's a fantastic number - out of two cycles of 21 eggs I only got one fertilised so don't be disheartened

    Good luck x

  • Hiya. Pretty similar here. I had 11 eggs, 5 or 6 fertilised, by the day of the transfer we were down to 2. Had one transferred, one frozen. I was pretty disappointed with the outcome, but it worked and I am 30 weeks today. In the end, it is going to be true that you only need one! Good luck 😉

  • This is a really good number!! My first cycle I got 5 eggs and 4 fertilised. By day 3 we still had 3 and by day 5, 2 of them were still going strong. This time they only got 1 egg from me!!! Your numbers sound pretty average so nothing to worry about. Stay strong and have faith that the best 1/2 will make it through xx

  • Well the hospital phoned with good news today ! We still have 5 embies! They are all really good with no fragmentation and all the cells are good. They said 2 of them are a little slower but still well so I am going in for a 5 day transfer on Saturday morning. 

    The one thing I always wanted was a 5 day transfer and to hopefully have some to freeze , fingers crossed ! 

    Thank you for all your advice ladies DianeArnold , WeeMrsH , lady123 , Kell27 , Tlove , anna0908 😚😚 xx

  • Brilliant news, good luck for Saturday x

  • Thank you xx 

  • Hi

    Normally you loose 50/60% of eggs

    I have had 3 fresh cycles and only ever ended up with 2.

    First round collected 9 left with 2 blasts

    2 round college 7 left with 2 3 day transfer

    3 round collected 12 eggs left with 2 blasts

    It is always a numbers game but no one could explain y this is the case.  I put it down to my eggs

  • I've heard that whatever is collected quite often half that and that's what fertilises. I had 17 eggs, 16 of what were mature, 8 fertilised and 5 made it from there. One was transferred at day 5 which ended in a BFN but I have 4 frozen. Sounds like you have a good number of eggs. Good luck to you for your transfer on sat xxx

  • Yeah that's seems about right with the figures we have had this cycle lianm8 sorry about your bfn, it's sucks to see that on the little window of the stick when to start off we think ivf will be the answers to all our prayers the 1st time. Fortunatley you still have 4 embies on ice so your little bundle of joy is definitely there somewhere 😚 xx 

  • It sure is!! But hey, it wasn't meant to be at that time 😊 I have everything crossed for you for Saturday 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Xxx

  • Thank you x 

  • Good luck for transfer and beyond!

  • Hi there,

    I looked at the official statistics provided by HFEA. There were 3,043 IVF treatments last year where 9 eggs were collected. In these treatments, the average number of embryos created were 5.04, so your situation is actually in line with other treatments.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Thank you kkrr I have had my transfer and have 2 blasts on board atm. Hoping for sticky ones. Thank you for the advice xx

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