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2nd round ivf with icsi

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Hi ladies,

Anyone actually going through around of ivf as of now?

Back ground of me, this is my second round. First round was a fail.

This time was advised to do icsi. So that's what were doing. Had egg collection this morning went well 16 eggs collected.

Hoping for good news tomorrow fingers crossed.

Anyone have a similar success stories?

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This is a great number of eggs. I have just starting my injections so am a bit behind you. My first round failed and I am having ICSI too. Xxx

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How did your first round go eggs etc? I had less my first time and they never made it to a blasto either.

How you finding the injections this time round?


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We had 10 eggs, 5 fertilised and only 2 reached blastocyst on day 5. Top quality and one now in the freezer. My husband had quite poor sperm count but he has since lost weight, stopped alcohol and caffeine and is eating so much more healthy so hopefully this will help. I’ve also had surgery to help clear out my endometriosis but my FSH is quite and my AMH is a bit low so I’m worried about my egg quality 😢

I’m on a very long cycle. I’m on suppression supracur at the moment and start stimms in 10 days. I’m feeling rubbish today, bloated, lots of pain and I’ve come on my period 😬 feel pretty rough.

How are you feeling? How many eggs did you get your first cycle? 16 is great!!! Why did they advise IVSI? Xxx

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Ahh it is grawling but fingers crossed its gonna be all worth it in the end.

My first cycle we got twelve and 8 fertilized but because none was at a blast stage by day 5 there wasnt much point in freezing any. And they then put it down to my partners sperm. As it wasnt showing signs of great strengths.

But we left a big gap from the 1st round till now, I think I just couldn't cope with negative response again. But back on it and feeling more hopeful this time round.

Little bit sore from ec but nothing to bad.

Wasnt expecting 16 to be fair. Left side only produced 4 and the right side done the most.

Must admit thou I didn't feel as bad as I did the first time. I was like a hormonal mess 🤦‍♀️.

I hope you start feeling a lot better soon. It's not good when your feeling good and to add the extra stress of having low AMH, it's still early days yet I'm sure it will climb x

How long was your gap? Have you got a different protocol this time? My last cycle was apr/May. I think I’m in more pain this time and more emotional. I think I’m more worried. Last time I didn’t know what to expect so I think I was more relaxed. Blegh!!! X

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18 months ago, before I never went on the pill this time I did. And they increased the medication other than that it's been pretty much the same as before.

That's true to be fair you dont actually know what your infor until you do it.

But its goodyo hear tips etc on these sites.


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For me gap was 8 months and same regime except they added in a blood thinner from a few days after egg collection. Third cycle was then 6 months later and they kept blood thinner and changed from menopur to gonalev, rest the same as cycle two but the progesterone was changed from suppository to oil based injection (widely regarded as a more accurate/effective leutal support)... this progesterone change was due to a little spotting about two days before pregnancy test on cycle 2 just as a precaution, so fingers crossed!

Hello! I’m 40, habe only 1 ovary (one removed) have sticky blood (so having blood thinners as extra leutal support) and on round 3. First time was 14 months ago and we got 6 eggs, 5 fertilised (one immature) and one made to blastocyst but IVF failed. Then had blood test for sticky blood and they said I’d need blood thinners for successful implantation (so first round was never going to work 😡😢). Secondly round we only got 3 eggs and 2 fertilised (one was immature) and both went to blastocysts but ivf failed. Was stressed out both times. This time I’ve been feeling less stressed but now on day 4 of 2ww and starting to go insane! The got 8 eggs! One immature and the rest fertilised and 4 went to blastocyst but only two were good quality and we had those put in on Monday!

I’ve a few acquaintances who’ve been through ivf and messaged needing some assuring words but no replies. I guess they didn’t mean the talk to me any time comments. 😢 Oh well.

Anyway trying to stay sane! Failing slightly. 😂

This time I was on a different injection pre egg collection and am on progesterone injections rather than suppositories so they’ve tweaked a bit. At 40 and round 3 I’m running out of time, money and sanity. My other half says if we do it again that will be the last time. He has kids though so it’s a bit different for him. Anyway I’m going through it too just a bit further on in the cycle. Wishing you all lots of luck! Essentially I think it’s all luck and tyres very little we can do to swing it one way or the other.

My boobs don’t feel sensitive at all the last few days and that’s why I’m worrying myself as the hurt pre embryo transfer and for two days after. I know I’m being silly as it’s probably too early to feel anything yet but the internet is full of ‘I felt symptoms from day 1’ which isn’t the norm, but...

Hi EBeee I’m Day 9 of the 2ww and haven’t had any symptoms whatsoever. Been worried about it but then heard lots of ladies on here who had BFP and had no symptoms so I’m living in hope x

Wishing you lots of good luck! A friend of mine has a daughter from IVF and felt no symptoms with her. :-)

Hope so xxx I had double transfer so hoped I would have symptoms. Good luck on your 2ww xxxx

Thank you. You too. I also had double transfer 6 days ago (day 5 embryos) and no symptoms yet either.

Baby dust to both of us xx

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Great to hear from You ladies.....

EBeee sorry its took you all this time! Fingers crossed this is your one! Keep us posted on your 2ww.

Prayingforafamily is this your 1st cycle? Hoping use get your BFP!!

I've egged shared this time round so 7 out of my 8 has fertilised, got the call this morning which is great. So et will be tuesday.

Hope we all get our BFP 🤰🤰🤰

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Prayingforafamily in reply to Hidden

Hi K86ctks this is my second round and been plagued with problems stopping transfer going ahead but finally got there. Great numbers you have hoping they are nice and strong. Xxx

Sounds like a nightmare! Fingers crossed for you x

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EBeee in reply to Hidden

Great numbers! Good luck!

I had around 24 eggs removed, 17 fertilized but only 9 made it through. After ICSI, we were down to 5 good embryos (all frozen). We had our first FET back in April, and it failed. We just had our second 2 days ago and we decided to put two in. As far as we have known, it's only been male factor infertility. So, hoping this round is a success for us, or we may be looking into surrogacy.

Good luck to everyone here, for we all want the same blessings. <3

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EBeee in reply to cab0813

Good luck! Great numbers!


How is everyone today?

I’m feeling a bit low, but not given up all hope yet. Was silly/naughty and did a cheapy HPT this morning at 7dp5dt (technically closer to 6.5dp5dt as I did the test at about 6am and blastocysts put in at about 3pm...), anyway it was negative :-(

I didn’t tell OH as he would be cross that I tested early, I really didn’t mean to I just snap decided to... but I did say I don’t think it’s worked again which made him feel teary :-( he’s away from home tonight with work so that’s a shame as I think we could both do with a cuddle. This IVF and 2ww suck! Anyway it’s not all over yet so need to try and hang on to those few positive hopes because you never know, and 7dp5dt is early but can’t help thinking that when I was pregnant naturally (sadly unsuccessfully) in the past I had painful boobs by now and the first time a faint BFP 10 days after conception... but it can differ every time of course, and one of my blastocysts was an early one so could have implanted late?!


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Hey Ebeee,

Let's hope it's just too early to test. Also when did they tell you to test? Two weeks from egg collection or two weeks from transfer?

I had my little blasto put back yesterday so I'm officially in that 2ww :-).

My last cycle I never got to blasto so I'm quiet happy with that! Feeling good at the mo.

Keep us posted Ebeee, I know it's hard but try an occupy your self baby dust to all xx

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Hey ladies,

Hows everyone doing? Considering were all at different stages.

I'm 4dpt been getting that feeling like af is coming but no show.

Actually feeling very different this time round.

Anyone actually due to test or taken a test would love to hear your result.


Hi all,

I’m new to this thread and would also love to hear how your results went. I hope you all got your BFPs 🤞🏻

Whilst I’m new to this thread I’m not new to ivf - we’ve previously completed one fresh cycle - 7 eggs collected, one 3d ‘Perfect’ embryo transferred (BFN) and 3 ‘good quality’ 5d blastocysts frozen. One FET done since - BFP achieved but no heartbeat at the 7 week scan. Also had two natural pregnancies (one before ivf, one just recently), both ended in miscarriage, one at 9 weeks, the other at 17. No live births yet.

Anyway, we’re about to start on our second fresh cycle, this time using ICSI and PGS which I’m hopeful about. However, my AMH last time was 9.1 and is now (18 months later) 3.7 so Im really worried we won’t get any/many eggs this time round.

Would love to hear about anyone that has a low AMH and had success if possible. Also anyone that has done PGS?

Kitscat, I’m the same as you - worrying so much more this time round now I know what to expect!

I hope you all have had good results.


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Hey ladies hows all??

So I'm very happy to say I've finally got my BFP!!

I've had a early scan in which they said we probably wont see a heart beat because it's too early. But as strong as anything we saw a lovely heart beating.

Hope everyone gets what they wont, if its unfortunate that you dont. Dont stop keep going all the best everyone xxx

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