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IVF NEGATIVE TEST 10days post transfer

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Hi, i was just looking for some word of wisdom whilst my sprits are low! This is my second go of IVF i have unexplained inferitlity and one fallopian tube removed 2 years ago, docs say this shouldnt effect fertility but i think it has, i had my first failed cycle january, i had a 5 day fresh transfer and bled heavily 7 days later, this time i have had a 5 day frozen transfer with a grade 4AB frostie. I am on the 10th day of my Wait and i have been told to do a test tomorrow (the 28th) the wait was killing me so i bought 3 cheap tests and did them today all of which are negative and its deeply upset me. Has anybody tested on day ten and got a neg then tested a day later and got a pos? I had slight pink watery spotting 4 days post transfer, ive had nausea and cramping for over a week i thought all the positive signs where there! Luckily i still have 6 frosties left however ever time is another knock and its so emotionally draining, has anybody been in a silar situation?

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Please try again tomorrow with either First Response or Clearblue, cheap ones are always disappointing. My first attempt at ivf I also tested negative day 10 then a faint positive day 11 so there is still hope 🙏🏼 Luckily you have plenty of precious Frosties so please do not lose hope either way!! 4 out of my 7 transfers resulted in a positive. Your symptoms sound promising too!! Best of luck xxx

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Thank you so much i have felt so down all night and you have made me feel much better, i have a clear blue digital for the morning i just used the cheap ones today knowing its not test day yet xx

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So glad you feel better!! Please don’t worry 😉Thinking of you and everything crossed for tomorrow xxx

There's always the possibility that you could get a positive the next day, so don't give up hope.

If it remains negative though, again don't give up hope. We were in a similar situation, unexplained fertility, first fresh IVF/ICSI I bled at day 9 (which I was totally unprepared for) and had a negative result, our next was a frozen IVF/ICSI, it was also negative but had to wait for test day to find that out. We were both crushed but determined. We had a another frozen IVF/ICSI and got our positive and im now 17 weeks.

It feels horrendous when you're going through it but worth it in the end.

All the best! Xxx

If it’s any consolation my clinic tells everyone to test on day 15 after transfer. I had a 5 day transfer and still have to wait 15 days so here’s hoping it changes for you.

Yes, the cheapie tests are notoriously bad for giving false negatives, so I wouldn't lose hope just yet if you are not bleeding. Although it is hard to summon the energy/positivity each time, having frosties is great position to be in. Fingers crossed for you this time - good luck! xxx

Todays test day i ised a digital clear blue, not pregnant unfortunatly x

I’m so sorry to hear this. Be kind to yourself. Thinking of you. Xxx

Sorry to hear this. Sending you lots of love xxx

I guys so last cycle i did, my period came 7 days post embryo transfer i am now 12post transfer no period which would be three days late, im a bit confused do you think i should test again?

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I don't know hun. I know that the pessaries can keep your period from coming. But also if I took my test 12dp my clinic would tell me off for testing too early lol. They told me 14dp transfer. So maybe hold out til then or phone your clinic tomorrow. I hope it works out for you xx

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Its very strange because my clinic says test 11dp just have to see what they say tomorrow thanks anyway x

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They're all different, mine are quite strict on testing days. When I phoned on 11dp I literally felt like the worst person in the world for phoning them that day. Fingers crossed for tomorrow xx

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