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Preparing for FET


Hi Ladies I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Our FET is scheduled in for 28th June it's our last frozen embryo but we have already decided that if this one doesn't work we will try again. I've been trying to find some answers as to why we have failed attempts with DE and I did a Chicago Blood test,the results came back to say I had abnormally high embryotoxic cells and I am TH1 dominant and have high levels of other CD19+ cells which identifies as an autoimmune disorder. So I started on high dosage steroids Mon to try and dampen my immune system and have also been advised to have Intralipids which is all good however my period really late so consultant suggested I go for an ultrasound which I did on Monday and I was told I could have a polyp, luckily I had a hospital appointment Weds for an Ultrasound, GP referred me because I have been having intermittent bleeding and the sonographer said everything looked normal but then Thurs my surgery called to say I need to go in Mon to talk through results so now I'm really worried that there is a problem just praying my FET will still go ahead, trying so hard not to stress because my issues also get triggered by stress!!

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Fingers crossed for you dear.

Clairenix in reply to Ebonynelly

Thank you, hope your keeping well x

All the best for your FET. Have you ever tried AIP diet? Sorry if I’m telling you things that you already know. I’m just mentioning it as my husband has autoimmune issues and the diet really helped him. I’m keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏻 xx

Clairenix in reply to Kari55

Thankyou Karri,that's really useful thankyou I've been reading conflicting advice based on foods to avoid with an autoimmune and what to avoid if TH1 dominant,so basically I've cut out gluten, dairy,soy, white starchey foods and nightshade veg (basically all my fave foods) and not sure what to do about nuts and eggs!! Does your hubbie find it difficult to stick to? Xx

Kari55 in reply to Clairenix

Yes, he found it hard to stick to but it became easier overtime. He has followed Amy Myers protocol from her book Autoimmune Solution. There is a lot of food to eliminate but you can only do it for 30 days and then reintroduce some food. My husband followed it for at least 6 months but now he is just eliminating gluten, dairy and soya. It sounds like you have already cut out lots - eggs and nuts are not AIP but my husband successfully reintroduced the nuts but the eggs are still a bit of a suspect so he still avoids them. The diet really helped him but it certainly is very strict and difficult to follow. Xx

Clairenix in reply to Kari55

It has been difficult but I am starting to see the positive effects of it now and my skin has never been so clear,just having to be creative with my meals!

How is everything with you? Xx

Uuurggghhh Im sorry to hear this Claire! So frustrating and worrying for you, if it's not one thing its a bloody other! I dont really have any experience or advice but wanted to wish you luck for your appointment!!🤞🏻😘xx

Thankyou for you message hun and sorry for delay. Good news, the results came back all clear, doctor apologised for the fact I'd been called in and I made him aware ive been awake since 3 this morn worrying haha feel like a massive weigh lifted now as FET should still be on schedule.

How are you getting on? Xx

Awww yeyyyy so happy for you!!🤗 AF due around Friday this week so should be game on for us soon too, aiming for transfer around 17th!xx

Hopefully everything will go to plan for you hun 👍 xxx

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