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Preparing for FET transfer


Hi Ladies,

This is premature and we have not had our pgt testing results back yet, but I was just wondered about prep for FET transfer (let's think positively!) I don't want to sound like a massive wino but just wondering if everyone gave up drinking alcohol months before etc? Any specific advice you can give for prep other than the obvious of eating well, exercising etc etc? Suspect I'm asking all the obvious questions but just interested in your experiences / thoughts if anything different from the norm.

Thanks as always


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I only avoid alcohol after transfer. I generally only have 1 glass of wine a week - consultant said I could have more 😆 Good luck with your results.

Thank you 🤞x

Hi hifer Keeping fingers crossed for you!

hifer in reply to Dogpark

Thank you

I stopped drinking after transfer but not before, although I wasn't drinking much. Had a birthday the w-end before though and took advantage to have a couple of cocktails, happily they'll be my last for a while so it was nice to enjoy them :)

My dr had me on pregnancy vits even before the IVF so that's something you could think about starting now. Apart from that, no advice really beyond what you said above about taking good care of yourself to be 100% for transfer and hopefully for pregnancy. Best of luck xxx

hifer in reply to MissSaoPaulo

Sounds very sensible making the most of the cocktails! I take pre natal vits at the mo. I have some pregnancy vits left over from last year sadly so that’s def something to think about, thank you xx

I stop after transfer but not before. I believe a lot of luck goes into this, so I’m not stressing myself out any further from limiting my life for what may or may not be. I can’t live in the what if category all my life.

I’m wishing you the best of luck possum!

hifer in reply to Vegemite

I’m with you. The longer my journey, the more I believe in the complete lottery of all this! I don’t want to put my life on hold either. Thanks for the well wishes x

Afterwards yes but wasnt do worried beforehand as the hard work has been done! Enjoy a glass whilst you can!xx

hifer in reply to Cinderella5

Yes indeed. Start meds at the end of this week hopefully so have stopped now just to be cautious x

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