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Preparing for FET

Morning you wonderful group of Ladies!

Firstly I want to say Thank you for all your kind words of support over the past week. They have been such a comfort to me. Sorry i didn't answer them all individually, there were so many! 😍

I've not had a FET before just 2x fresh. We have 2x frostys & doctor said as i had a D&C i dont have to wait for a period. I want to try again asap. So I'm due to start my Buserilin on 1st of Feb. But i don't know what happens next... time scale, what the HRT drugs involve. So any info would be amazing please. Also do I prepare my body in the same way as I did for a fresh transfer? Or try something extra?

Big hugs to you all. Xxx

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Hiya Becky, I’m having treatment with donor eggs this time round. As a recipient the nurse told me my protocol is the same as a FET cycle. It’s been very straightforward. I had four fresh cycles previously and I’ve been pretty much doing the exact same things in terms of diet and lifestyle.

I had prostap injection on 28th December to down regulate. I bled on the 4th January and subsequently had baseline scan on 8th January to check lining was thin and ovaries etc quiet and clear. Started HRT Progynova tablets on 9th Jan and have been on them since. Taking 6mg, 3 tablets a day. I had a scan again on 17th Jan to check how lining was coming along. It was 7mm which I was told was perfect. Have to start taking cyclogest pessaries morning and night now on Mon 22nd in preparation for ET. Our eggs are being thawed on Tues 23rd and husband providing his sample that day. They’ll perform ICSI on the eggs and then all being well we are heading for ET next Fri the 26th Jan.

I hope this is of some help to you. Like you this was all brand new to me. It has felt very strange not having the stim injections to do xxx


As Dunla descibed, I had the same protocol apart from mine were frozen embryos like yours. I didnt get many side effects so I think I was quite lucky. The estrogen preparation can sometimes cause headaches along with the down regulation. I will say that its a pleasure not having to do egg collection and you also dont have all the cramps and niggles after egg collection to worry about. I also felt a lot calmer doing FET as I was able to prepare my body and have my lining get to the right levels without any pressure as they dont defrost the embryos until the day of transfer which of course is a worry but they only freeze the ones that have good chances of defrosting. I didnt get my BFP but FET is way better than a fresh cycle in my opinion. Wishing you loads of luck!xx


If you’re going to be down regulating on Buserelin just be aware that it may give you bad headaches.. if you are unfortunate enough to get them then drink plenty of water and take paracetamol. No ibuprofen. I found a hot water bottle balanced on my head was the only thing that helped ease mine. Good luck for your cycle xx


Hi Becky179. Just wanted to wish you well with your FET and agree with the other ladies with regards as to what happens. Good advise from "Tugsgirl" too about using Buserelin. I will be thinking of you. Diane


Just saying good luck and thinking of you. Shows real strength and tenacity in going forward again. Everything crossed xx


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