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Gutted - Lining Issues Again 😥


Hi all, I’m currently getting ready for my second frozen transfer but my lining isn’t playing game - again!

I’ve been on progynova tablets (x4 a day) for 11 days and my lining was only 4.8 today 😓 this is worse than the last FET. The nurse said that it ‘looks lovely’ and that there is 3 layers but it’s only 4.8! I’m now taking 5x tablets a day and have a scan again in 6 days.

I’m so gutted as I’ve been eating/drinking the right things.

Has anyone else had this frustrating trouble and gone on to have a successful transfer with BFP? Our embryos that are left are not great quality either. Feeling really devastated x

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I also have a very stubborn lining but I usually get to where I need to be eventually. Whatever you do, dont let them transfer if its not thick enough. Here are all the things Ive tried Vit E (I use the 800ui strong ones from Superdrug), L'arginine, warm baths, hot water bottles, keeping your feet warm, pomegranate juice, beetroot juice (nasty stuff, I cant stomach it), walking to help the blood flow to the uterus, fertility yoga (lying on the floor with your legs up against a wall daily, baby aspirin. Some ladies swear by acupuncture but I dont really think it helped me. I added DHEA into the equation last time too (I used it in my fresh cycles) and got my first BFP but sadly lost the pregnancy at 6wks. Good luck, its so flipping frustrating!!xx

Hi 😘

Thanks for your reply. I am just gutted as this happened to me the last time too 😓

I will try lying on the floor with my legs in the air on a daily basis as I haven’t tried that before.

I just have such a bad feeling about this FET now xxxxx

My clinic are going to try me on a mix of patches and progynova this time coming. Im rubbish at responding to meds so always need to be on meds for longer. Will report back if this makes any difference, not that its going to help you on this cycle. Really hoping you get to where you need to be!xx

I responded really well when on injections but I don’t seem to be responding to progynova at all 🥺

I’m so sorry for your miscarriage at 6 weeks! 💔 truly heartbreaking. When we went for our 7 week visibility scan, they couldn’t find our baby. Fast forward a couple weeks, I ended up having surgery to remove the pregnancy and Fallopian tube as my right tube ruptured. That’s been the only time I’ve had a BFP.

I hope that next week my lining is thick enough 😘 good luck to you too and let me know how you get on xxxx

Thank you! You sound like you've been through the mill too. Fingers crossed for your next scan.xx

Hi Cinderella5, I started taking vitamin E and 75mg aspirin, doing the yoga pose with my legs against the wall and I went to reflexology - but I couldn’t focus during the reflexology session and had the giggles! 🤣🙈 oops!

I had acupuncture before and this was when I had an ectopic pregnancy.

I’m really worried for Monday as I’m scared they cancel this cycle 😞 I think it gets worse the more transfers you have xxxx

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for Monday! Did you use down regulation meds before you started on progynova?xx

No, I wasn’t able on anything before progynova. I had to start taking the tablets on the first day of my period xx

Ahhh I see. I was going to suggest trying no down regulation as I seem to do better without it. Ok well fingers crossed for an improvement on Monday!🤞🏻 I remember one of the girls I cycled with a while back had lining issues too and she didn't respond well to progynova....she might be able to tell you what her protocol was.... baby2016 .xx

Hey Pandora, how did your scan go yesterday?xx

Hi lovely, it only measured 5.8 😤😞😔 they have asked me to continue for another week as the nurse said it looks good and there is three layers but it’s just not thick enough. If it isn’t above 7mm next week they will cancel. If I’m honest, I don’t have much hope at the moment. I’m still doing my yoga exercises and I’ve had an acupuncture session today.

Thanks for the message 😘 how are things with you? Xx

Oh so frustrating!😖 I was really hoping for a big jump although you have done some growing there!!🤞🏻 I can completely understand how you're feeling....been there myself!

I'm doing ok, hopefully starting meds in a couple of weeks for FET now so wont be far behind you!! I'm rooting for ya!! Sometimes prolonged estrogen helps and even if they need to give you a bleed in between next month may be better....I think that was my best lining yet!! Keep us posted!xx

Oh that’s good news about your upcoming FET🤗 I’m rooting for you too 🥰👍

Will keep you updated xxxx

I'm in the same boat as you lovely, lining at a frustratingly close 7mm after being on a whopping 10 tablets a day of Progynova 😳 for 18 days. Have another lining scan tomorrow and if it's not 8mm I might actually scream! So frustrating isn't it?!

Omg, yes 😤 it’s so frustrating! Is this your first FET?

I was so excited going for my scan, having been on 4 tablets a day, really thinking positive thoughts - to be told it’s 4.8mm! 😢😥 initially I had tears and once I got to my car I just swore for couple minutes 🤬🤬

Fingers crossed for you tomorrow lovely 🤞🤗 let me know xxxxx

Yes it's my first, had no lining issues during my fresh cycle so was also quite upset to be told the lining wasn't thickening. Got everything crossed for you lovely, think thick!! x

Snap - no lining issues with fresh transfers. Wishing you all the babydust in the world for your upcoming transfer xxxx

8.8mm today 👍🏼 FET is booked for next Wednesday ❤️

Amazing! Well done you! Good luck for Wednesday! 🤗 xxxx

I suppose on fresh transfer the lining has been encouraged to thicken up with all the extra follicles... perhaps a low dose of stims to help the lining? Am not a doctor btw but have been advised this is one approach! Good luck with it all x

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Thanks LexyB. I will say that to them if this cycle gets cancelled. Thanks lovely xxx

I would take a 75mg dispersable aspirin daily which thins the blood or ask for clexane (blood thinning injections). Both will help blood flow to the uterus. When I did ivf and did do either (forgetting about aspirin) I didn't get a thick enough lining and my cycle was cancelled. You can buy 75mg aspirin over the counter at any chemist. IVF clinic or GP would have to prescribe clexane. Wishing you all the best.

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Hi, thanks for the advice! 😘If I start taking the aspirin today do you think it will improve by Monday? Xx

I don't know to be honest. It can't do any harm. I always took it from the start of taking my meds for ivf. They work out really cheap so worth a go. Wishing you all the best. We changed clinic and the 2nd clinic didn't mention it so I forgot. That cycle was cancelled. It's heartbreaking when you're eating and drinking properly if they don't mention something as simple as that. Best wishes for you xx

Be worth asking yourclinic about having a neupogen uterine wash. I’ve not had one myself yet but have had thin lining issues in the past and they advised to have before my next FET. Also the clexane (blood thinner) injections seems to help too.

Best wishes

Thanks for your advice. I will ask about the uterine wash as I’ve never heard of it before xxx

Hello.. i had a really thin lining for a long time and my doctor put it down too my weight being low... he was correct. I have put on weight and my lining has grown significantly x

Hi, oh really? I feel like I always put on weight during cycles and when I’m on medication. My BMI was 21 at my review meeting so my weight isn’t low xxx

Its so difficult isnt it. Reading all different comments on here we are advised slightly differently. xx

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