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Hi, I have had all fertility investigations apart from a HyCoSy test. My consultant advised that whatever the outcome of the HyCoSy IVF is recommended due to my age (I had not had any of the other fertility tests at that stage).

I have now had the other tests and my AMH and follicle count is low and I have a predicted IVF success rate of 10%. I have an IVF clinic lined up and due to start treatment in mid Feb but I have a niggle that I should have pursued the HyCoSy test.... Anybody else been in a similar position?


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Hi I don't have experience of this myself but hopefully someone on here can offer advice. Good luck with whatever you decide to do xx

Hi, I am waiting for a HSG after a failed NHS IVF cycle before Christmas. I just see it as another thing to cross off the list, age is my biggest factor too & I was running out of time with NHS so I didnt have it pre-treatment and it wasn't offered. I might be clutching at straws but at least I will know when I get the results! Good luck with your treatment & what you decide to do! Xx

I personally wouldn’t rule out having one. I think all options you should look into.

Good luck x

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