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Why is Christmas time so hard?

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I am really sorry but this Christmas is aweful for me. It seems to be that all people want to disclose teir secrets during Christmas time. I had quite some messages yesterday from people I had not seen in a while, sending me Christmas pictures with 'decorated' babies.

I felt already quite dowm yesterday morning. I remembered last year when I felt bad and we told us that next year will be our happy christmas as the new treatment just must work. This year, we are 9 2wws and 9 BFN further but and telling us the same for next year. How many christmas like this are still coming?

Plus I am just in my 2ww again - this is just cruel over Christmas!

Anyway, merry Christmas to all of you, and I am truely happy for each and everyone here who had their miracle happening :-)


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Merry Christmas to you too, dear! It’s a very difficult time, I know. But keep being strong for the little one. You can do it!

I’ll pray for your positive outcome. New year, new hope, new miracles!

I’m with you! Xxx

Thank you :) At some point it must be us, right? xx

Exactly! Believe it! Xxx

Such a difficult journey you’ve been on. Hang on in there. Try and find some positivity in something today.

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THank you :) I try to relax and think ahead. xx

You can be glad for them and wouldn't wish them harm but also be sorry for your own situation.

Hey, I can very much relate with you. It is the same for us as well. I always dread the day. Mainly because so many questions are asked and it just makes me so uncomfortable. However, I try to occupy myself with my phone or something to avoid the questions. We are going to be starting IVF soon currently in the waiting list. Good luck to you. I hope you are soon able to conceive.

Merry Christmas and wishing you the best of luck for OTD. You have been through so much and are thoroughly deserving of happiness xx

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