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Christmas and Anxiety

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Firstly, I hope everyone on here has an amazing Christmas whatever your circumstances.

I've been struggling this past week with worry and anxiety since my BFP. Whilst I am delighted to be pregnant I feel like I'm waiting for something to go wrong. Being off work has definitely made it worse! I'm over analysing every niggle, cramp or discomfort and it's mentally exhausting. I hope my 6 week scan next week will help with my anxiety as my biggest worry is the pregnancy is ectopic again. I wish I could just enjoy the BFP but I can't help but feel it could all be taken away from me!

Sorry for the moan but it's hard to explain this to anyone else as we have only told my parents and they wouldn't understand why I feel like this.

Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas and happy New Year. Fingers crossed 2019 is my year 🤞xx

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I feel exactly the same! I’m 6+2 today and I’ve still got another 10 days until my scan. Sometimes ive even managed to convince myself that I’ve made up any symptoms I’ve got, or they’re something else not pregnancy symptoms. It’s exhausting isn’t it? xx

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HollieW in reply to Tugsgirl

It really is and I'm constantly convinced I'm going to miscarry. It's so worrying and I don't feel I can share my worries with anyone as they all think I should be happy, which I am, but also absolutely terrified! I'm exactly one week behind you. I've never made it to 6 weeks with my two previous pregnancies so this will be a huge thing for me. 6 weeks will also be my birthday so I have everything crossed all will be okay 🤞. It's reassuring I'm not the only one to feel like this xx

I think after you’ve been through so much it’s only natural to be anxious, I’m 21 weeks pregnant and still as anxious as when I got my BFP. I kept telling myself when I got past the stage of my previous mmc it would ease but it hasn’t and I’ve learnt to accept it probably never will. I know it’s hard but just take each day as it comes, I hope you’re able to have a peaceful Christmas xx

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HollieW in reply to E_05

Thank you. I think I have come to the realisation that sadly I will not be able to relax as too much has happened. I will try and enjoy Christmas though. Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

I feel totally the same! I am 5+3 and have spent the whole day depressed as convinced I am going to lose this baby any minute - I don’t know how to get positive again xx

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HollieW in reply to Daisy1245

Snap! It's horrible isn't it! All the drugs don't help either as the side effects make me feel so awful too. Fingers crossed everything is okay for both of us 🤞 xx

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Daisy1245 in reply to HollieW

Absolutely! Keep in touch - it’s good to share as my OH just keeps telling me to think positive and what will be will be... I am scared to go to loo and just feel so beaten!! xx

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HollieW in reply to Daisy1245

I will do. My husband is the same but it's different for them as they don't have the physical and mental anguish. I hate going to the loo (especially number 2, sorry tmi) yet drinking 8 litres of water a day it's inevitable! Just on knicker alert. Made the mistake of wearing red knickers yesterday - never again!!!!! Xx

Hey Hollie, I don't really have much advice but I'm thinking of you...must be so stressful! Don't apologise for moaning, ever!xx

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HollieW in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you. It is stressful! Infertility is so unfair on so many levels and robs you of any joy in the pregnancy process. I have my fingers crossed for you in your next transfer 🤞. Let's hope 2019 is our year!! Xx

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Cinderella5 in reply to HollieW

Awww thank You! Yep, infertility is.....well just shit!😔 Onwards and upwards though....2019 has got to be the year!!🤞🤞xx

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HollieW in reply to Cinderella5

Yes 🤞for us and all us ladies on here xx

Hey I can understand what you might be going through. I would suggest that you start reading a book. You can even occupy yourself by watching movies. Also, spend most of the time with family so that you're busy. This will help in diverting your mind. Good luck to you. I hope things go smoothly. All my prayers are with you.

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HollieW in reply to hannahding

Thank you. Christmas TV is keeping me occupied. I hope I feel better tomorrow! Xx

Hope you are doing better by now... so stressful, I am sorry. If not, I would also suggest to watch movies or read somethong gripping or perhaps find some app for relaxing... it sounds like you need to find other ways to occupy your mind and/or to feel more comfortable with the situation... i wish you the best and hope you can enjoy your time better soon. Xxx

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HollieW in reply to

Thank you. Christmas has ended up being quite stressful but feeling better now and luckily lots on tv to keep me distracted. It's such a difficult time and lots of waiting! Xx

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