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Merry Christmas everyone (a little early)

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Hi lovelies

I just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas, I know that for many of you it's been a rough year with failed cycles and lossses and our year is definitely not ending as we hoped it would following 3 IVF failures. Throughout this year though this forum has been a godsend at times and I hope everyone can enjoy something about Christmas (even if it's just time off) and that 2017 is much brighter for us all.

Remember to put yourselves first and know your limits over this period, Christmas can be the hardest of times for lots of people and for me it certainly highlights what we don't have but I am also remembering to feel grateful for everyone that has been there for me this year and that it has brought me & my hubby closer together.

Huge congratulations those for whom this year all their dreams came true, there's no doubt it is well deserved after the heartache that is infertility.

Anyway I will stop waffling! I am off to have a festive drink, something I hoped I wouldn't be able to do but hey ho, might as well enjoy wishes to you all xxx

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Merry Christmas Georgina and definitely enjoy that drink! Best wishes for 2017 xx

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Georgina78 in reply to sipidania

Thanks Hun, hope your pregnancy is going well and 2017 is wonderful xx

Hi Georgina,

Happy Christmas to you as well and I hope you can enjoy the festive period. It's always a little bitter sweet at times I know. Let's hope 2017 is a better year that brings us all lots of luck.

Merry Christmas xx

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Georgina78 in reply to Isa84

Thank you isa, merry Christmas to you to and everything crossed for 2017 xx

What lovely words, so true! Merry Christmas! 🎄☃️ X

Merry Christmas to you and all.

Hard is an understatement but we are stronger beyond imagination.

Here's hoping 2017 is the year for those of us that had a not so lucky year this year for us that have lost for us that have had fails and for us that are just starting.

To those who has had their dreams enjoys those bundles of joy.


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Georgina78 in reply to

Merry Christmas Tamtam, I really hope 2017 is so much better for you, this year has been so cruel & difficult for you 😔 We are nothing if not strong xx

Merry Christmas to you. Support on here reminds me we are never truly alone. Hoping that 2017 brings lots of amazing baby news we all truly deserve it xxx

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Georgina78 in reply to katya38

We do katya, and we're definitely not just certainly feels like that in our family & friendship groups sometimes 😔 Merry Christmas to you, I hope 2017 is the year you're approved for adoption and things start looking up xx

Merry Christmas lovely, I hope 2017 brings you lots of luck and happiness xxx

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Georgina78 in reply to Kat9lives

Thanks Hun, merry Christmas to you too xx

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