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CoQ10 & supplements to help over 40’s

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I’ve read that CoQ10 can help boost egg quality, particularly in ladies over 40.

Does anyone know more about this & the recommended dose? My chemist stocks CoQ10 50mg but I’ve read recommended dose is anything up to 600mg?

Any other health tips on supplements appreciated. I’m already aware of importance of folic & vit D.

Thanks xx

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Hi, I am late 30s and my consultant prescribed 1000mg Q10, 1000mg vit D and 400 of folic acid. There was a difference from the prior round so worth it. As he said at worst it’s expensive urine but won’t hurt. Best of luck!


I take COQ10 at 400mg a day. I have read a lot of people take ubiquinol which is meant to be absorb quicker or something. My clinic also recommended I take DHEA, which I took prior to ivf. I’m not sure DHEA is suitable for everyone, so please don’t take before speaking to your doctor.

I’m 38 when I mc in July for the 2nd time I decided to start taking supplements for egg health thinking I’d try anything so read up loads on the internet I started taking DHEA 50mg ubiquinol 600mg pqq 20mg zinc royal jelly maca omega 3 fish oil dha, vits c,d folic acid doubled dosed.

I took for 3 mths and conceived the 3rd mth. Surprised a little it was the quickest conception out of the 3. But I’m having a but if a issue at the min as I should be 9+4w but had an early scan we’re not sure what’s happening as they saw an empty abnormal sac on fri then when rescanned eventually found a yolk sac about 5w we have to go back in 2w. It’s bizarre situation so did any of these supplements help or not don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ We don’t have any fertility issues that we know we just keep miscarrying.

I would suggest trying DHEA and Ubiquinol (which is CoQ10). I tried DHEA and althoughI did not achieve pregnancy my embryos did better after using this for 3 months 75mg (3x25mg) daily. My NHS clinic didnt have any objection to me trying this and in fact by the time I'd finished my cycles there they recommended giving it a try.xx

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