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Second miscarriage in three months

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Hi all,

Not sure why I’m posting this but as the title says I’m having a second miscarriage in three months.

Had FET in August with a BFP but the 7 week viability scan showed no heartbeat and the baby was measuring a week behind. I miscarried naturally in the middle of September.

At the start of November my period was late and took a test. This showed positive and initially we thought this was hcg from the previous miscarriage. Miraculously this was a natural pregnancy (after 5 years of trying and two rounds of ivf). 7 week scan showed a heartbeat.

Last Thursday I started spotting. I got lots of reassurance from searches that this was normal. Midwife said it was normal and EPAU said it was normal. I think part of me knew something was up and when spotting turned to bleeding on Sunday it was confirmed that there was no heartbeat again. I have miscarried naturally again.

I can’t quite put into words what this is like. Beyond devastated? I really thought this was our time but then I guess life just isn’t fair.

I guess I just wanted to share.........

12 Replies
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Im so sorry, absolutely devastating fo you to have to go through these losses!! Cant offer any words of advice but sending massive hugs, life is so cruel!xx

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I'm so, so sorry to see this. So heartbreaking. Life really, really isn't fair and it's shit that this has happened to you.

Somewhere, somehow you'll have the strength to carry on, but you must feel exhausted right now xxx

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Literally no words to fix you but life is indeed so unfair and I am so sorry you have had to go through this twice xx

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I’m so sorry Sally for your losses- one is hard to deal with but two in such a short time is such a shock, I’m so sorry you are going through this. Can I ask how old you are? Your partner? I have had 4 natural miscarriages- I’m probably a lot older than you at 45 but at first they thought because of my age it’s probably the quality of my eggs- but now it seems here could be issues with my partners sperm- genetic issues that don’t come up in a normal analysis. Just something to think about - do you have any more embryos frozen? Sending you love and hugs. X

I'm so sorry to read this, I know how difficult it is to go through a miscarriage but having to deal with a second one in such a short space of time must be devastating. Sending you lots of hugs xx

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I’m sorry your going through another loss it’s so hard on your heart, take care x

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Oh Sally I'm devestated for you.... What a rollercoaster (!)

Although this may not seem comfort to you but almost exactly same thing happened to my best friend who first conceived through IVF.

3 years later out of nowhere she became naturally pregnant and then lost the baby within 5-7 weeks

The next time she got pregnant almost straight away after (within 2 months) and doctors said she needed progesterone to maintain the lining and give extra support (she is also hypothyroid)

Thankfully that seemed to stem the spotting and she carried to full term

I had similar issues with early bleeding until my progesterone was upped and changed to injections also.

Have you had your thyroid tested recently ? It's usually one of the biggest reasons for early miscarriage as well as chromosome issues.

As horrible as it is- the fact you got pregnant twice naturally after so long in itself is a positive .... Maybe with thyroid correction (if your TSH is above 2.0 you need meds ) and extra progesterone support in early months may just do the trick next time

Wishing you all the best and hoping you find the space and heal

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I’m so sorry to hear this. I had two miscarriages 5 months apart and it was devastating. Just know that it will get better and eventually the losses won’t feel quite so raw. Xx

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I'm so sorry, I can't imagine how you're feeling, hope you are able to take some time to process and heal.xox

2-shades-of-hope profile image

I’m so sorry, that’s so incredibly hard to have to face that loss twice in such a short space of time. Spotting was a bad sign for me too xx

Tugsgirl profile image

I’m so so sorry. I’ve been there myself three times so I know how much it hurts. Please take care, just get through one day at a time and look after yourself xx

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Thank you everyone for your very kind words.

I kind of wrote that this morning and then ran away from it. I think I needed to put down how horrific this has been in order to process some of the grief that lays with us. I know time is needed even though it feels like it’ll never get better.

I really appreciate the support......

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