Retained tissue 5mm after miscarriage??

Retained tissue 5mm after miscarriage??


I am quite concerned now. I have had a miscarriage and the bleeding started 20 days ago ago. The spotting has completely stopped. But a scan yesterday showed that I have a 5mm tissue sac remaining. They told me to have another scan in 3 weeks and do a pregnancy test. They weren't concerned about infection and said it is really rare and just told me what the symptoms were. But my question is that I have no bleeding now. When will this tissue come out and my lining is still 6mm..... with a positive pregnancy test. Image- 24 days after 7 week miscarriage.

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  • Sorry to hear this is dragging on for you. I thought they would offer a d&c if there was tissue remaining and still a positive test at this stage? I haven't been in this situation though so I'm not 100% sure. Maybe they expect your period to come and this tissue will come out with that? 3 weeks seems a long time to wait when it should be cleared by now. Is there someone else you can ask, like your GP or someone else at the hospital?

  • I read somewhere online they wouldn't operate unless the tissue was bigger than a certain size and mine at 5 mm is considered very small . That's what I'm thinking they are waiting for period ...

  • It seems they have gone for natural management, ie wait and see. I was told that if there was product remaining after my 3rd go at medical management they would do a d&c(surgical management) Perhaps they are assuming the tissue will come out with your period? It took weeks for my mc to be completed so I can understand your frustration at the length of time and the seeming lack of concern from the medical staff.

    Perhaps message Diane Arnold the nurse on here for advice?

  • Yes DianeArnold could you help ? I wasn't able to see GP today appointments left .

    Yes they are waiting for it to come out naturally and given me until 1st June when it will be 6 weeks post miscarriage so looong.

  • Hi Orangepie. Oh what a nightmare for you! As you are realising, while you still have a tiny bit of tissue attached you can still emit hCG into your system, giving you positive tests. I think that the clinic will be hoping that it eventually clears out with your next period, which hopefully won't be far away, providing your lining continues to build up. If nothing has happened when you go back for your next scan in 3 weeks, I would request a course of antibiotics to cover you. As you are not bleeding now, it is doubtful that you would need to have an evacuation done, just got to wait for "nature at it's cruelest" to take its course. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you for this useful information . Is it still possible to get my period with hcg in my system (positive pregnancy test)?

  • Also how would they remove it is hasn't budged in 3 weeks?

  • Hi Orangepie. Yes, as it should soon start separating. Should it still be there when you go for your scan, then they may suggest you having an evacuation (D & C) to give you a fresh start again. Let's hope all is soon over for you and you can move forward from it all. Diane

  • Thank you for this. Sorry, I have one more question just hard waiting. Could I still ovulate with HCG in my system because they found 2 cm cysts in both ovaries so thought I might be ovulating. but don't know if that is possible with the hCG in my system and retained 5mm tissue. I also had some symptoms of ovulation that i usually get when trying to conceive.

  • Hi orangepie. Your hCG level should be below 5 in order to ovulate. Best not to try and get pregnant while any tissue left in case it cause s miscarriage. The cysts may be just simple cysts that will settle on their own. At home now, be back on Monday. Diane

  • Yes they called 'simple cysts' . I guess it's nothing to worry about. Yes I am waiting for one period so it flushes everything out.I've attached a picture of my positive test 24 days since the bleeding.

  • Hi Orangepie. I thought they might be. Lots of us have a simple cyst that happily goes up and down in size, and are no problem. However, they should always be kept an eye on, as they can sometimes increase in size when the ovaries are stimulated. Diane

  • So sorry to hear you are going through this. Just want to offer some reassurance. I think your Dr's have made right choice not to rush in with DnC. Quick solution yes but nature far kinder on your body. HCG will b dropping n takes a while to dispate . Normally it blocks ovulation but depends on levels. Huge hugs to you.

  • Thanks for the reasurance HCG will be dropping. I hope this progress is normal.

  • Natural miscarriages can sadly drag on...

    It might be worth having some acupuncture to see if they can bring things on/speed things up?


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