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Period pain after failed cycle

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Hi all. As if it wasn't enough that I've failed this first round of ICSI, my period is really heavy and super painful! The cramps are coming in waves which i usually only get a day before and day of my period. I'm on day 2 and they aren't disappearing. I'm assuming this is to do with the progesterone? Did anyone else suffer from this?

Side note I've also now got the cold so I'm just feeling lousy and sorry for myself ☹️

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Take the time to feel rubbish. Get a hot water bottle and snuggle with some fav films. Sorry to hear it didn't work.

So sorry to hear that your cycle didn’t pan out the way you’d hoped. For me, the bleed after was definitely the worst I’d ever experienced. Don’t forget you’ve had all these drugs to thicken your womb lining, so the flip side of that is the bleed is going to be tough. I cramped really badly for three days into the bleeding, usually I only get a bit of a niggle as bleeding is about to start and through the first day. Bled heavily for a few days then all of a sudden it got lighter. Used pain relief where I needed it and a hot water bottle helped, and some gentle exercise too x

I'm so sorry to hear it wasn't successful this time. Definitely a hot water bottle and Netflix kind of day - put your feet up, look after yourself and have a hot orange with a dash of whisky for your cold xxx

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