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Missing 2nd period after failed IVF cycle



I was just wondering if anyone had a delayed 2nd period after failed IVF. We had our first cycle in April and unfortunately the eggs failed to fertilise so no transfer took place. I then had a period 2 weeks after egg collection.

I'm now 12 days late for my next period (no chance of pregnancy at all). I'm worried this is going To delay our next cycle which is due to happen end of July/ beginning of august as I am a teacher and that works it best with work and summer holidays etc.

I think I'm just looking for some reassurance that it will come but I'm so worried ivf has now stopped my ovaries working or something!

Thank you for anyone that takes the time to read this or reply x x

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Hiya, my af was only a week late after my bfn in march...and I remember how annoyed/frustrated I was so I can only imagine how you're feeling now. I was due to start an fet and had all my dates worked out. I even phoned the clinic and I think they thought I was a crazy lady. They said it was very common for it to be late and told me to relax...lo and behold it arrived the next day!

It's so annoying that you spend months wanting it to stay away, only for it to stay away when you need it most 🙈...I feel for ya (even if I cant be much help!)

Spottydog444 in reply to Oakey80

Thank you for your reply. Yeah I am getting really frustrated. I darent ring the clinic in case they say we can't go ahead in august. Ha I know! I never normally want one but now when I really do she doesn't show up which is just typical!

All my periods after our bfn were later. We are now in the situation of having to move our dates. I'm also a teacher and it's playing havoc with me arranging things. We're also now trying to avoid it clashing with stag and hen parties. Oh and I'm in the middle of assessing all of my children and writing their reports! Perhaps we should have left it until the summer holidays like you. x

Spottydog444 in reply to _MrsC

Thank you for replying. Aww yeah it sounds like it is playing havoc with your schedule too. Ah the dreaded reports too! I am hoping we can still go ahead in august but it is looking like it will be pushed back to September/October time if my period is delayed. I wish you luck for your next cycle x

Mine was very late after my first failed ivf. I'm now waiting for period after second failed round and have no idea when to expect it!

Yeah that's like me...constantly waiting. Thanks for your reply. Hope it turns up soon for us both!

Sadly it sometimes does mess with your cycle which then messes with your head. It will come.your body been through so much..it takes a wee while to get back to normal xx

Spottydog444 in reply to vic77

Thank you for replying. I'm still patiently (or not!) waiting x x

Please give us an update! Thanks for sharing! I'm still trying myself; thanks for your contribution!

Well I'm still waiting. It is now 6 weeks late. Spoken to the ivf nurses and they are happy for me to continue with treatment on the planned date. I have to ring them tomorrow to go for another scan and to start the pill ready for injections :)

Hi Spotty, what was the outcome when you visited the clinic and how late was your AF?

I have same issue (2nd period is late for 1 week and still waiting) and my doctor would like to wait another week then if AF doesn't come, he can do ultrasound to see where my uterine lining is.

I basically didn't have a period until I went back on the pill in preparation for my second cycle. They scanned me and my lining was normal so they just said it was unexplained. I'm

Now 6 weeks pregnant so it didn't make any difference to our cycle. Good luck for your scan x

ICSIRose in reply to Cully855

Hi Cully

Please could I ask how you got on, did AF arrive? It’s now been 6 weeks since my failed cycle... no sign of AF 😔 xxx

Hey, i totally get how how you are feeling right now. i had three rounds of ivf when i was trying to concieve, and every single time my period would show up late, and i would absolutely just freak out. it is a tough thing to get through and obviously we want to to work out as soon as possible. the only comfort i can offer you is that it is totally normal, and i asked my doctor and he reassured me completely, after three rounds, ivf still didnt work out for me, but i have seen a lot success stories through multiple ivf attempts, and i hope that it works out great for you too! Best of luck dear and best wishes to you and yours!

Same here. Today makes it 54days, that is one month and 24days after my failed FET that my flow didnt show.. Primolut N was prescribed yet the flow didnt show up. The only thing I am feeling now is pain in my right abdomen. I dont really understand. I m confused.

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