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Period after first failed cycle?


I've had my first failed cycle and AF from that, now waiting for my body to re-set and have a normal period.

What are people's experience of this, did it take a while to come or get straight back into your regular monthly cycle?

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After my failed cycles my period was always on time but quite a lot heavier xxx


Hi KB11. It can take up to 2 months for your cycle to return to what is normal for you. However, if the one you had after your failed cycle was OK, you may just continue as normal. Diane

I went straight back into 28 day cycle.

The one I had straight after my failed cycle was sooo painful, I'm now on cycle day 24 and was wondering the same thing if it will be on time or not. I'm usually 27-30days so I guess I'll find out this weekend one way or another, I just pray that it's not as painful as the last one. Fingers crossed. What day are you on? Do you feel like you're on track?

My cycle has felt different this month, I didn't do OPK's or anything but for some reason I feel like I didn't ovulate (but maybe i did who knows i don't have any issues with ovulation so maybe i'm just being paranoid) I normally get sore boobs afterwards, but this month nothing it's really odd. Anywho, fingers crossed for both of us that our bodies regulate sooner rather than later, let me know how you get on.

Take care xx

KB11 in reply to Ketajean

Hi Ketajean, I am also on day 24 and kind of feel like I haven't ovulated, been doing tests and have none of the usual signs. Which I guess is fine but want to regulate again so can think about round 2. Nothing I can do so just have to wait I guess x

Ketajean in reply to KB11

Isn't waiting just the worst! I feel like all of us have to go through so much waiting all the time for everything its so frustrsting.

After i wrote to you this morning i got thinking and decided to call our clinic. We are through a public hospital that uses private clinics for ivf so bcoz the first round failed the hospital had to approve we were worth a second round. Ive been waiting for our yes/no letter for what feels like i rang the clinic to make sure hospital had requested results turns out they have and its been approved dunno where our letter is. Im so excited. I have a scan on Thursday plus appointment with the Dr then wham bam start next round. Eeep. Fingers crossed something similar happens for you too. Now hopefully my body is doing what it needs to be doing when i have the scan and af shows up this week. Xx

Mine took a little while to get back to normal. Had a normal-ish one about a week late, bit heavier and crampier, but the one after was a week long and had lots of spotting but by 2 months after it was back to normal. We did have a very early mc though so that might have been my body having a “full” reset.

Sorry that you had a failed cycle but glad you’re already looking to the future and getting back to it :) All the best for the new year x

After my first failed cycle, AF went back to normal. After the second one though it was late,so late that I ended up doing 2 pregnancy tests - just in case!! AT eventually came and AF after that has been back to normal cycle length. The only difference is that they are now slightly heavier & crampier.

So sorry to hear that your treatment didn’t have the outcome you were hoping for.

I’ve had four failed cycles. Period returned regularly within a month after first three cycles but on the fourth it took about 7 weeks before I had another bleed. Maybe it was because I’m getting older and body can’t bounce back as quickly.

Hope this helps x

I’ve had 2. After my cp my AF was soooooo long and soooo painful. After my now failed FET my AF has been light and not so bothersome as a normal period.

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