Very bad 2nd period after failed IVF cycle, is this normal?

My Ivf cycle failed in Feb and I got my first AF on the 20 th feb, and it was not too bad. My next period is not due until at least next Tuesday, 28 days later . But for the last few days I am in agony with period cramps keeping me awake at night. I can't sleep with the pain and the period has not arrived yet. Is this normal after an IVF cycle?

We were due to start our next round of IVF when this period came, but I am having doubts now and maybe I should wait for the next one?

Any advice would be grateful.

Thanks x

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  • Hi fitzmsa. So sorry to hear that you have been suffering so with tummy cramps. I seem to remember that you did originally have a very low hCG reading from two embryo transfers last cycle of IVF. It might be a long shot, and I don’t want to worry you, but although you had an apparent “normal” period following this, I wonder if there might be a teeny bit of something left that is trying to remove itself? It might be an idea to request a scan just to check you out. I’m sure it will all settle down, but you may have to wait an extra month before commencing your next cycle. Hope you’re soon sorted and I am completely wrong, so that you can start again soon. Kind regards Diane

  • Thanks Diane. I have made up my mind now to wait until the next period to start the next IVF cycle. I feel there is something wrong alright and I just emailed my consultant for her opinion.

    The pain is too severe to just be a normal period. Thanks so much for getting back to me. What you said does make sense!

  • Hi fitzmsa. So pleased you have emailed your consultant. Always best to be sure of what’s going on. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hiya, I am halfway through my second round of Ivf/icsi. The first round in 2008 failed, I remember feeling extremely unwell and my period which happened about 7 days after stopping cyclogest was extremely extremely painful and full of clots. This time round we only have one embryo which they had to freeze as I didn't stop bleeding from egg collection. I have to have 2 periods before starting treatment again for embryo transfer (that is if embryo survives being defrost). I was in pain from the egg collection. I had to stop cyclogest on 4th march and was in a lot of pain until having extremely heavy painful clot period last Sunday which lasted longer than normal. Everybody is different. Some people are unfortunate and suffer more than others. I hope it all works out for you. Best pain killers if Ivf has failed and you are in pain before losing everything is paracetamol and brufen.

  • Hi Diane. The consultant emailed back and like you said , she suggested that I book in for a scan if the pain becomes unbearable. I will see how I am tomorrow. I am not too bad now today , the pain has got worse all week at night time, when I am asleep. I also emailed the Consultant back to say I am going to delay My next IVF cycle by a month. Thanks for your help x.

  • Hi Fitzmsa. That's good to know. Let's hope this wretched pain is soon sorted. Kind regards Diane.

  • Hi!!!! All the best! I'm still trying and this community gives me hope. Thank you for sharing!!!

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